Pinterest’s “secret boards” now enable users to stage up to three private pinboards that nobody can see without an invitation. Several weeks ago, Evrhet Milham announced the new feature in a company blog post, positioning secret boards as ideal tools for shopping or wishlist building. However, businesses and social media strategists have already started brainstorming ways to leverage secret boards for strategy and marketing purposes.

  • Strategic Pinterest testing. Christianna Giordano cites secret boards as evidence that Pinterest has become more brand-friendly. She suggests that marketers and media managers can use secret boards to execute more strategic pinboard planning. For instance, if you’re an agency, build out a pinboard in private, test it outside of public view by sending to your clients, then share it as a public board. Agencies and brand managers nervous about working online without a safety net will appreciate the luxury of pinning in private.
  • Exclusive content for VIPs. Your audience may not always want to add a special contest board to their collection just to enter a contest. If one of your goals on Pinterest is to increase engagement with your brand’s biggest influencers and advocates (instead of building overall audience exposure), you can invite them to a secret board and publish exclusive, private content to these users on a weekly basis. Note: These users will be able to repin this content to their own public boards. This is a great way to seed fresh content.
  • Team collaboration. As your marketing and community teams are browsing Pinterest and other visual social media, you’re bound to come across ideas, images, and concepts that you’d like to maybe replicate with your own brand. Instead of taking screenshots or bookmarking these links in an unorganized document, have your team pin them to a secret “team” board. This board can then be leveraged during marketing strategy brainstorming sessions.

This surprise treat has already delighted Pinterest users and brand marketing planners alike. Contact Curalate today to learn how our image-based analysis tool can help you understand how Pinterest users are converting your images from private collections into public boards and ultimately driving revenue.