Last week, Instagram made an exciting announcement to launch their very first partner program, and Curalate was named an initial member. Companies in the Instagram Partner Program demonstrate expertise in at least one of three specialties – ad tech, community management and content marketing. We’re excited to share that Curalate is the only visual commerce platform to receive badges in two of the three partner specialties. This makes Curalate one of just four companies in the entire program to receive multiple partner badges.

instagram partner

Why is this so significant?

With a community of 400 million, Instagram is the place on mobile where marketers go to tell creative, visual stories to drive business results. Curalate is the only full-funnel solution that gives marketers the ability to both source and publish content from Instagram in order to generate awareness, drive traffic, and increase conversions. Today, more than 700 of the world’s most recognized brands are using Curalate to drive commerce from Instagram content, to run more effective Instagram ads, and to grow and engage their communities.

Whether you’re new to the channel or an Instagram vet, we wanted to give you a deeper look at how we do it.

1. Drive commerce from Instagram content.

Turn Instagram Into a Powerful Revenue Channel

While Instagram is a leading mobile destination and a massive driver of brand engagement, many brands struggle to connect that engagement to business objectives and ROI. The Curalate visual commerce platform gives brands the ability to monetize Instagram images across three main consumer touch points:

Like2Buy: Curalate Like2Buy leverages Instagram’s only active link to drive consumers from pictures on Instagram to multiple products on a brand’s site. With Like2Buy, brands of all sizes have the ability to attribute traffic and revenue to Instagram content – without any media spend.

Fanreel: Curalate Fanreel enables brands to bring lifestyle images from Instagram into the ecommerce environment and to make those images shoppable – on your homepage, on product detail pages, and within independent galleries. Brands that use Fanreel are seeing major improvements in essential engagement metrics, including time-on-site, conversions, and average order value.

Reveal: Great Instagram creative doesn’t come cheap. You invest a lot of time and money into creating compelling images, only to see engagement with even your best ones diminish significantly within 24 hours. Curalate Reveal enables marketers to prolong and monetize Instagram images within blogs and other editorial environments. With Reveal, consumers can discover and shop for products by simply pointing to them in blog pictures.


Sigma Beauty uses the Curalate visual commerce platform to drive traffic, conversions, and revenue with Instagram images from social to their site.

Sigma Beauty Instagram

2. Run more effective Instagram ads.

Instagram Partner Program

In addition to monetizing your existing audiences, brands that work with Curalate can now run ads to acquire new customers on Instagram.

Curalate Ads are powered by a proprietary dataset of audience insight and creative content, amassed from more than 75 million unique monthly consumer interactions with products across Like2Buy, Fanreel, and Reveal. From these interactions, we build custom lookalike audiences of consumers who are more likely to love your stuff on Instagram. And we help you deliver the most effective content to them. The result is a distinct and exciting ability to reach smarter Instagram audiences with more relevant ads.


By leveraging powerful signals across Instagram, Curalate audiences are substantially outperforming existing custom audiences.

Z Gallerie Instagram Ads

3. Grow and engage your community.

Modern marketers are overburdened with information, overwhelmed by change, and underserviced by partners who understand their daily workflow needs. The Curalate platform, which includes both a mobile app and desktop tools, helps solve for this daily by equipping marketers with everything needed to upload, schedule, and publish images to Instagram in order to activate Instagram fans from anywhere.

In addition to brand-owned content, we make it easy to pull in images from influencers, store associates, vendors, and consumers, and to acquire the rights to use them. Combined with a deep understanding of which product images are resonating with consumers, the Curalate platform provides you with the breadth of content needed to create stronger connections with people on Instagram.


With Curalate, Lilly Pulitzer surfaced important insights about their Instagram community, including which style of image they were most interested in.

Lilly Pulitzer Instagram

What’s Ahead

By strengthening our relationship with Instagram, we look forward to accelerating our efforts to build new and innovative solutions that will enable brands to monetize Instagram. And this is just the beginning. As this important consumer touch point continues to grow and evolve, we are committed to meeting marketers’ burgeoning needs.