Last fall, Pinterest invited businesses to start building their own boards alongside the platform’s individual users. At the time, product managers at Pinterest noticed the work that media team members at some companies had already pulled off using their personal boards. Now that businesses can pin and repin under their own brand names, we can start to see branding strategies taking shape on the service:

Breaking new products on Pinterest

Even before the launch of official business boards on Pinterest, the social media team at Sony discovered how to use the platform to help launch new products. Because Pinterest users thrive on finding original images to repin, the Brand New Sony Products board quickly became a source of primary images geared toward gadget lovers. That board’s pins and repins drive measurable sales to Sony’s online store, while giving product managers a forum to interact with fans.

Reinforcing brand messaging

TOMS puts giving at the heart of its brand by donating shoes or sunglasses to people in need around the world. The company supported its holiday campaign with a pinboard that mixed photos of limited edition products with stories from TOMS employees and from recipients of donated goods. Over 24,000 followers participated in the promotion, positioning TOMS as a brand that lets you find collectible gifts that improve the lives of people you’ve never met.

Explore your audience’s lifestyle

Chobani hasn’t even been around for a decade, yet it already controls nearly a fifth of the American yogurt market. Taking on the establishment in a saturated market requires a deep knowledge of your target customer, which the company explores thoroughly on its Pinterest boards. Chobani’s social media team has gone on the record that they believe people prefer to “connect with people, not businesses.” By pinning interesting images and sparking compelling discussions (that don’t always have to do with yogurt), Chobani adds value for its followers. Watching those conversations unfold gives the company’s marketers vital insights that can shape future outreach efforts. As we see internet users everywhere shift to the visual web, there will continue to be a larger role for Pinterest in your digital marketing strategy. With that in mind, your social team will need to continue to adapt, and the role of community managers will have to change.