You awake with a start: it’s 5am and you’ve received a text message. Who could it be at this hour? Then another message arrives. The phone inches across your nightstand as it buzzes louder than you thought it could. An emergency maybe? Then another. Suddenly, it’s constant: text after text with no end in sight. “Siri, disable notifications!” you shout in a panic. No response. Half awake, you stumble to your nightstand only to find hundreds of text messages asking you to chat, login, or reset your password. Emails are even worse: you’ve received thousands suggesting you buy prescription drugs or send money. You start to feel nauseated and try to calm yourself down. A fluke, maybe? Then the calls start. One after another: as soon as you hang up on one the phone rings again. Enraged you throw your phone in the toilet (this time on purpose), fiercely seeking some kind of relief. The ringtones drown along with your thousand dollar investment and you rest against the wall, resigning yourself to the luddite you’ve become.

What happened? This isn’t a poorly written episode of Black Mirror: it’s what life would look like today if artificial intelligence (AI) suddenly disappeared. AI is quickly becoming ubiquitous and has entrenched itself into our everyday lives. From spam detection to voice recognition, AI is already all around us, and we only become more accustomed to it with each advancement made in the field.

At Curalate, we’re constantly innovating to augment your workflow with the latest advances in artificial intelligence. We believe AI plays an important role in marketing: making your life easier and helping you make better, data-driven decisions.

Curalate Fanreel

One product where AI plays an important role is Curalate Fanreel. Fanreel lets you source user-generated content (UGC) from different social networks and share it on your website to help drive product discovery. A challenge here is that some of these users have their own agenda: they may be trying to sell products on that social network, or leverage your brand’s popularity to boost traffic to their unrelated posts. The result of this is hundreds of images and posts bearing your brand’s hashtag that you definitely don’t want on your Fanreel. Sorting through these is extremely tedious and time-consuming.

This is where AI comes in: Curalate’s spam detection identifies posts that are just trying to sell products, are using too many hashtags, or are featuring meme images. It eliminates the need for you to filter these images out explicitly, allowing you to focus on your task at hand: getting user-generated content on your site.

Intelligent Product Tagging

Spam detection is just the beginning. Once you’ve found user-generated content, Curalate lets you easily tag products from your catalog in the image or video. This makes the UGC shoppable, and you can put it on your site or in an email to inspire your customers and provide a direct route to purchase. If you have a lot of products in your catalog, however, tagging products can be difficult: Do you remember what that pink hat is called? Or that style of shoe from one of the multiple designers you partner with?

This is another place where Curalate leverages AI: our Intelligent Product Tagging feature recommends products that look similar to the ones in a piece of UGC. Intelligent Product Tagging (IPT) uses cutting-edge computer vision and deep learning to detect objects in the photo, and then matches those objects to product images from your product catalog. As a result, tagging user-generated content with products from your catalog can be done in seconds, with just a few clicks of your mouse.

The Future

Looking forward, Curalate believes AI can play even a bigger role in improving your workflow. The amount of user-generated content online increases every day, making it more and more difficult to find those compelling, on-brand images that will drive sales on and off your site. We believe AI has the capability to help there, too, by understanding your brand’s unique style and finding those images that resonate best with your audience.

The promise of AI is becoming reality: it surrounds our digital selves and facilitates interaction with our devices. As AI continues to permeate our lives, Curalate will continue to innovate and integrate AI into our products to make your workflow more efficient, fun, and effective.