Pinterest’s newest category is here just in time to help pinners everywhere celebrate Father’s Day. The brand new category, For Dad, highlights inspiration for the holiday and encourages fathers and families to set up their own Father’s Day wish list boards. You can’t miss the red font highlighting this special category on the site’s drop down menu.

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Before joining in on the Father’s Day fun, you’ll want to think strategically about your approach and pin with a purpose! Below, we discuss 4 tips and tricks to help get your brand started.

1. Categorizing is critical.

We wouldn’t want your pins to be kept out of the For Dad category view because your board’s category was left blank or mislabeled. While starting to plan your Father’s Day pins, you have the option to either create or change a board. If you create a board place it under the For Dad category by using the “Choose a category” drop down menu. If you already have a board you plan to add Father’s Day related pins to, consider changing the board category by editing the board information.

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2. Don’t let Pinterest do all the naming.

Get creative with your board title!  Don’t limit yourself to naming the board after Pinterest’s new category name For Dad. One of the keys to creating a board is making sure the name and board description are unique yet still searchable. Take the opportunity of naming your board as one to differentiate your brand and help tell your story.

3. Perfect pins are a science.

There are lots of things to think about while choosing images to pin.  We’ve sifted through millions of images and pulled out the major trends to make the art of pinning a science.  We’ve noticed that images with multiple dominant colors garner more than three times the repins as images with just one. Similarly, predominantly red or orange images get twice the repins of predominately blue images. Also, images do best in a vertical orientation with an aspect ration between 2:3 and 4:5. To find out more of the qualities of the perfect pin check out our latest infographic.

4. Promote cross-channel.

Make sure to promote your Father’s Day board(s) across other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This is a great opportunity to grow awareness for your Pinterest page and give your fans a reason to engage with you visually!

We’ve taken the time to create our own celebratory Father’s Day board to showcase some of the creative things pinners and brands are pinning in the For Dad category. Check it out and comment below with your Father’s Day pinning plans!