Since bursting out on the scene in September 2011, Snapchat has been an unstoppable force. Disappearing messages, lenses that turn you into an adorable puppy, and FOMO-fueling filters that let your friends know you’re in Paris? What’s not to love? Snapchat allows people to share quick, silly updates with their friends, and lets brands show off their creative side and connect with an audience of over 191 million daily active users.

We’ve seen our clients doing a lot of cool things with Snapchat, so we hosted a webinar to discuss why brands should be on Snapchat, how to run effective ads, and how to turn Snapchat into a revenue driver. We also presented best practices based on our clients’ experiences and a few tips directly from Snapchat. Here are a few highlights from the webinar!

Take content into consideration and get out of your comfort zone.

While Snapchat is typically grouped with social networks like Facebook and Instagram, it has a different vibe. Snapchat became an instant hit because, well, it’s a lot of fun! From the filters, to the lenses, to that terrifically endearing dancing hot dog, Snapchat’s environment is lighthearted and playful. Understanding the environment helps you understand the audience on Snapchat and what they’re looking for: they want casual, creative, and amusing.

So, let your hair down and take advantage of the text, emojis, filters, and drawing capabilities to show your fans the more fun-loving side of your brand! Take your fans behind the scenes of a photoshoot or runway show, introduce them to some of your employees, or tease a upcoming sale or store opening. Using raw, more laid-back content on Snapchat will match the overall aesthetic and help you connect better with your audience.

Set a clear goal for your Snap campaigns.

Whether you’re sharing organic content or running an ad campaign, figure out what your goal is before you create content. Snap’s ads platform offers plenty of options to raise awareness, increase consideration with potential customers, or drive a specific action like an app download or email sign-up. Once you decide on a goal, you have the option to choose a lens, a filter, or a full-screen ad – and this is when the fun begins!

Our co-host, Dan Grossman, Global Product Marketing at Snap, says, “For the most effective ads, be sure to keep your message singular and focused.”

If your goal is to drive conversions, try Curalate Showroom.

In any Snap, users can swipe up on their screen to learn more about what they’re seeing. Because Showroom links can live anywhere, brands can use a Showroom link as the post-swipe up destination to allow users to shop the exact products they see in an ad or an organic Snap. As with any other Showroom link, users can shop any of the products in the hero image, but will also be served similar inspiring content and other relevant product recommendations to increase product discovery and reduce bounce rate.

These are just a few of the riveting topics we covered during the webinar – for more on how brands can get more out of Snapchat, including a full walk-through of the app’s audience-building capabilities, click this link to view the full webinar recording.

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