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Moorea Seal’s journey began on Pinterest, using the platform as a way to collect and share her favorite treasures. Not before long, the notoriety her pins received propelled her into launching MooreaSeal.com – an ecommerce site featuring accessories and home décor items from U.S. artisans.

Today, Moorea’s small business has garnered nearly 1MM followers on Pinterest and some 18.8K on Instagram. With a relatively modest Instagram audience compared with larger retailers, Moorea has nailed exactly how to deliver relevant images to her demographic, as well as how to extract the platform’s full potential.

In a Q&A with Curalate, she shared the influence Instagram has on her brand, and top tips for small businesses who want to succeed on the platform, too.

Tell us about your target demographic. Who is Moorea Seal’s ideal shopper?

Our target demographic is the 20- to- 30-something woman who is interested in investing in a lifestyle beyond just the material objects she is purchasing. We as a company promote “doing good while doing great,” encouraging women to invest in companies and designers they admire while giving back through each purchase they make. Seven percent of our proceeds go to non-profits that inspire us as a company.

Our customers are interested in living a lifestyle that is modern style-, beauty-, and design-focused. Our style is chic, refreshing, and sophisticated with a fashion-forward focus and a mood that evokes the current youthful generation of the great Pacific Northwest.

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Pinterest has played a tremendous role in the launch and development of your business. How influential do you think Instagram will be as you continue to grow?

Instagram is incredibly important to our growth. Generation Y and millennial consumers are not simply interested in brands and businesses because of a name or a look. They view businesses as a whole – what they represent, how they interact with customers, and how their companies affect communities for good or for bad.

Instagram provides the closest look into our company, who we are as a brand and who we are as individuals working on a team. We share our triumphs with our community through Instagram and encourage growth in others through our personal and brand reflections. We are not interested in just pushing products. We want to welcome our customers, fans, and friends into the family of Moorea Seal.

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What three tips would you share with a small business getting started on Instagram, Pinterest, or another digital community?

  1. Keeping a consistent vision for your branding is incredibly important. Decide from the get-go: What is the overall mood of your brand? Once you have established your mood, your motivations, and how you think your brand needs to curate its look and emotion through imagery, stick with it. But also be aware of what is current so that you can adapt your look to what is relevant while still maintaining the mood and lifestyle that your brand promotes.
  2. Use lifestyle-focused photography rather than classic product shots within social media. Customers want to see how the product can be styled, what sort of person wears or uses the product, and what makes the product unique and special beyond a brand name.
  3. Curate your Instagram feed or Pinterest feed thoughtfully. Customers and followers want to see a clear, broad scope of what your company represents, not just the products you sell. So mix up the types of imagery you feature, from a shot of a bag being held by a woman to a space you’d place a home décor object, all the way to a scene in nature that reflects your brand’s mood, or a quote that resonates with your brand message. Variety in content within a very specific brand message and mood is key in keeping customers engaged and curious.

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Turning Content into Commerce

A solid understanding of the imagery that hooks customers is essential, but what next? For Moorea Seal, it was monetizing those photos. To learn more about how Moorea and her team used Curalate’s Like2Buy to turn her Instagram images into traffic and revenue boosters, read our new case study.