Harry Winston doesn’t sell its engagement rings, diamond necklaces or luxury watches online — but that hasn’t stopped the company from implementing cutting-edge e-commerce technology to help educate its consumers.

A new Luxury Daily article detailed Harry Winston’s partnership with Curalate, which powers the jeweler’s Like2Buy page. Like2Buy typically connects images and videos on a company’s Instagram feed to web pages that allow customers to make purchases — but for Harry Winston (and its 665,000 Instagram followers), the imagery drives people to detailed information about products or in-store appointments.

Curalate CEO Apu Gupta told Luxury Daily that Like2Buy isn’t just for companies selling products online.

“Curalate makes images and videos shoppable. However, shoppable means different things to different brands. For some it’s about transactions, for others it’s about driving people further along the consumer journey,” he said. “Using Curalate Like2Buy, Harry Winston is connecting people from inspiration to information in an innovative way, and in doing so providing a great demonstration of how luxury brands can connect with consumers where they live today.”


A sampling of the content on Harry Winston’s Like2Buy page.

For Harry Winston, it’s all about taking potential consumers from discovery to action. If someone sees a watch on Harry Winston’s Instagram page they can take action by going to the Like2Buy page, clicking on the photo and getting more information.

“The jeweler’s Like2Buy-enabled posts mostly focus on its engagement rings, wedding bands and other romantic gifts, such as cufflinks and watches for men,” Luxury Daily wrote. “These send consumers to product pages, where they can see a starting price and learn more about the style and the materials it is fashioned out of.”

There are plenty of other brands that use Like2Buy for education rather than e-commerce. The Democratic National Convention Committee used Like2Buy during the 2016 DNC, pushing Instagram users to information about the party platform or text of full speeches. Fresh food brands have used Like2Buy to share recipes and nutrition information.

“Brands like Harry Winston use Curalate Like2Buy to connect people to more information about their products, which may not typically be things that people would purchase immediately online,” Gupta told Luxury Daily. “Conrad Hotels has used Curalate Like2Buy to inspire travelers with information about what a person could do with 1, 3 or 5 hours in the global cities in which they have a property.”

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