Here at Curalate, we were so excited to read this recent article by Chloe Rigby in Internet Retailing. In it, Chloe interviews Rachel Waller, Online Communications Director at Farfetch about the brand’s use of technology to drive visual social commerce.

Farfetch is an international fashion website stocking designer clothing from around the world. The brand hopes that the visual story it’s telling online will resonate with consumers, causing them to take pause and want to learn more — turning moments of discovery into moments of conversion. They also know that user-generated content (UGC) resonates with fans because it helps them envision Farfetch products in their own lives.

That’s why Farfetch partnered with Curalate to launch an e-commerce experience that seamlessly brings the customers’ images onto the Farfetch website — and makes those photos shoppable.

Here’s Rachel on why Farfetch started using Curalate originally, and how the relationship has evolved:

We started using Curalate about four years ago. Initially we were looking for a tool to help us understand our visual social media channels and the influencers engaging with us on them. At the time most tools were geared towards analytics on Twitter and Facebook, and Curalate was one of the few offering a tool geared towards Pinterest and particularly Instagram. Since then our relationship has evolved significantly as has the importance of visual social commerce and influencers for Farfetch as a brand, and Curalate has very much evolved with those challenges in mind.

Rachel also explained how Farfetch’s e-commerce site changed after the company’s partnership with Curalate:

The technology allows us to do a couple of powerful social commerce pieces. Firstly, it allows us to make our Instagram link in bio a shoppable edit of products for our followers, and secondly it helps us add a great layer of inspiration and community celebration within our own site with Curalate’s Fanreel or user-generated hubs.

Generally all of Curalate’s technology is helping us extend the life span of social content on the site, through influencers and on our social profiles by helping us discover, share and shop social imagery. The tools help us extend our social content narrative through discovery to engagement and driving people to the site.

Check out the full interview here.

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