Sure, people love Facebook for sharing links and photos, but these days, videos rule the platform. In fact, video content is driving more engagement than links or status updates — in a major way. DigiDay analyzed content from 14 top Facebook publishers from April 27 to May 27, finding that posts with videos were shared seven times more than links.

“Across the board, publishers’ video (including live and canned video) got an average of 4,036 shares per post,” according to this article in DigiDay. Images were also popular, averaging 3,364 shares per post. But when publishers shared article links (including Instant Articles, Facebook’s fast-loading article format), they got just 571 shares per post.

Take the Huffington Post for example. The news site posted 412 videos during the month-long period, getting 4,715 average shares per video. On it’s 739 links, it got just 1,213 average shares per link. Media site LittleThings saw similar results, getting 5,664 average shares per video compared to 754 for its links.

With 8 billion video views per day on Facebook, publishers would be wise to increase the amount of videos they post to the platform. The more engaging videos you post, the more time people will spend engaging with your content.

Whether the videos have sound or not doesn’t really make a difference. In fact, 85 percent of Facebook videos are played without sound. But Liam Corcoran, head of communications at NewsWhip (which provided the data for DigiDay’s analysis) said sound isn’t all that important. “If video is playing automatically and they can pick up with a story without sound, that seems to be why video is attracting this high level of engagement.”

(Courtesy of Facebook)

How long should I make a video? That depends on what audience you’re targeting. Millennials gravitate toward shorter stuff, around the 10-second range, while older generations relate to 30-second videos. Makes sense right? Older generations grew up with traditional ads that can run 30 second or longer, but millennials helped usher in the era of small videos on Vine and Snapchat.

Check out the DigiDay article here.

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