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Curalate Summit 2016

Facebook Exec: Everyone is a Storyteller and Video is Becoming King

Kyle Cummings is a big believer in video. A member of the Monetization Product Marketing team at Facebook, he focuses on the growth of video ads across Facebook, Instagram and the company’s Audience Network. At the Curalate Summit on October 18 in New York, Cummings argued that video is king for one reason — people love it.

“Everyone is now a storyteller and people are opting to choose video content to share,” said Cummings who has lead the go-to-market efforts for many products including the vertical video in feed and the launch of audience network for brand video. His team at Facebook is tasked with identifying the most popular consumption habits then building products that offer people the best opportunities to share stories, memories and content.

“Video is big for us because it’s big for people — so we want to make sure we elevate those experiences for people and we want to make sure we elevate that experience for them on our platform,” he said.

Facebook users are consuming 100 million hours of video each day on the platform. Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) has seen a 150% increase in video consumption in the last six months.

“This trend is not slowing down by any means.”

How can brands succeed with video? Cummings offered these tips:

Capture attention quickly. “All the video on Facebook and Instagram is an opt-in environment. We’re convincing people to stick around and listen to our story. We have to find a way to integrate our hero products or hero assets earlier in the video story.”

Optimize for a muted audience. “A best practices for mobile is building for sound off because a lot of that content is still happening with sound off in feed.”

Think about framing early in the video creation process. “Is vertical correct? Is horizontal correct? … All across the platform when you’re framing your story, you need to start considering ratios much earlier in production.”

High costs don’t always equal high quality. “Think about creating content immediately, using the same tools that consumers are using to share and connect with people. … Across the different types of production and the different tools that you’re using, there are costs associated with each that are not always a reflection of quality. If a consumer perceives your content to be high quality because it’s native, because it’s shared using the same technology and the same digital tools in stories they would use — that doesn’t mean you actually sacrificed quality.”

Want vertical video that doesn’t disappear in 24 hours? Check out Curalate Tilt, which brings longevity and shopping to the mobile video experience. Tilt allows brands to aggregate their vertical video content on a mobile landing page, showcasing a collection of videos telling their brand’s story. Brands can even tag products within each video to make them shoppable. Learn more here.

Curalate is an official Facebook Marketing Partner due to its unique ability to help brands achieve their marketing objectives through Facebook.

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