In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the accompanying Netflix feature, the Facebook team has launched a concerted effort to identify and halt the misuse of personal data. As part of this initiative, in August Facebook announced a comprehensive audit of all of their Marketing Partners. While this audit is still ongoing, a number of these companies have already lost access to the Facebook/Instagram API.

As a brand or retailer using Curalate, should you be concerned about this audit? The short answer is no; we can confirm that Curalate uses Facebook and Instagram APIs only in approved ways and for approved use cases. But for a little more color, please read on.

At Curalate, we rely on Facebook’s and Instagram’s APIs to help our clients…

  • … publish (and promote) great visual content, and engage with their fans
  • … measure the performance of their posts
  • … find, curate, and request rights to user-generated content
  • … identify, measure, and work with relevant influencers’

In the wake of this news, and given the importance of these APIs to our clients and their customers, we promptly launched our own internal audit to ensure that all Facebook data that we touched was accessed in accordance with Facebook’s written guidance. Further, we wanted to confirm that all data access took place via documented Facebook APIs; in other words, we wanted to confirm there was no “scraping” taking place behind the scenes.

Our audit confirmed that we are fully compliant with Facebook’s current guidelines for Marketing Partners. Specifically, we confirmed that:

  • We are currently accessing Facebook personal data through only the Facebook Graph API.
  • We are currently accessing Instagram personal data through a combination of endpoints on the Instagram Graph API and the legacy Instagram Platform API.

We believe that Facebook and Instagram together offer an unparalleled channel for online discovery, one that is equally valuable for our clients and for their customers. We’re thrilled to be building on these platforms as a badged Facebook Marketing Partner, and we look forward to further joint innovation in the future.