Thanks to your awesome feedback, we’ve pushed several new updates to our growing capabilities and metrics for Instagram. Starting today, our Instagram analytics now include insight into the amount of users who are using brand-related hashtags (and who those users are), deeper analysis into which of your hashtags are driving engagement, and the ability to sort engagement by either photos or videos.

Below, we share a quick overview of these enhancements and how you can start making use of your Instagram metrics!

Track Unique Users


You can now view the number of unique users who are engaging with your tracked hashtags. Head to the Instagram section under Organic Engagement and you’ll find a new, sortable “Unique Users” column in the “Hashtags Tracked” table.

Identify Brand Advocates

Do you want to see who these unique users are? Click through to the hashtag details page for a new users table. Sort by number of photos or interactions to identify your brand’s biggest advocates on Instagram.


Top Hashtags

The “Top Hashtags” table, found in your Brand Page metrics, provides you with key insights for all of the hashtags you’ve used in your Instagram posts. Sort by “Avg Interactions” to identify which hashtags are driving engagement with your photos and videos!


Filter Photos and Videos

You can now filter organic Instagram activity by photos or videos. While in Organic Engagement, simply select the “Images” or “Videos” pill at the top of the page. Your data will then automatically refresh depending on the type of media you’ve selected.


We’ve already heard from a few clients who have taken advantage of these new Instagram insights to connect with brand advocates and build more robust campaigns. Want to see more?  Please connect with your brand strategist or reach out to our success team for a full demo and feature tour.