Guest post by Curalate (curalate).

If you’re a brand going after millennials (name one that isn’t) it’s impossible to ignore the large and growing Hispanic population. Here are some numbers: 65% of all Hispanics in the US are millennials. That’s 15 million people. Or a fifth of all 18–34 year olds in America. And as much as a half in major markets like LA, Chicago, and New York. This map from Pew shows overall Hispanic population growth since 1980.


Hispanic population as a percent of total in each county

So a huge market opportunity for brands, and not a particularly difficult audience to reach: According to Pew Research, 84% of Hispanics aged 18–29 use social media. Here on Tumblr, Hispanic millennials are 42% of our monthly Unique Visitors (comScore). But, as any good marketer knows, you have to tailor your message to your audience.

Below are a few tips for marketing to Hispanic millennials based on studies by ThinkNow, a market research firm focused on Hispanic consumers. We would never want to imply that these are hard and fast rules that apply to 15 million different people, but hopefully they can help you frame an authentic and resonant ad campaign.

1. Understand their priorities.

According to ThinkNow, 30% of Hispanic millennials pay for half or more of household expenses, including rent/mortgage—that’s compared to just 9% of non-Hispanics. That makes Hispanic millennials particularly valuable to CPG brands and retailers of household goods—think about all those ads of a middle-aged mother in a grocery store. It also means that Hispanic millennials have less in the way of disposable income for non-essential items. Brands marketing discretionary products should focus on value.

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