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Dune London + Curalate = 82% Increase in Revenue From UGC

For Dune London, inspirational content is core to their commerce experience. A sophisticated and stylish fashion footwear and accessories brand, Dune offers everything from killer heels to statement boots — and is a fixture at major department stores around the world.

Dune partnered with Curalate to source inspirational images from a variety of online sources and connect them to places of purchase. These sources included content created by customers, influencers, as well as Dune itself. In doing so, Dune was able to get more out of their existing investments in content while inexpensively acquiring compelling images from sources outside the organization. It helped people envision Dune’s products in their lives; celebrated the Dune customer and community; and allowed Dune to sell more effectively online.

Content in hand, Dune was then able to make these images actionable. On Instagram, Dune used Curalate to create an Instagram Shop, enabling Dune’s fans to easily discover new products and shop great finds. On Dune’s site, the brand launched a Curalate-powered gallery of shoppable user generated content (UGC), enabling Dune to highlight their fans while also providing inspiration to people browsing the Dune site.

“Inspiring consumers has always been at the heart of branding,” said Apu Gupta, CEO of Curalate. “Dune London is enabling inspirational content to not only deepen brand engagement, but also to drive revenue.”

The results speak for themselves:

The partnership garnered attention from major news organizations in the U.K. Check out the articles in the following publications:

Want to learn more about our partnership with Dune London? Check out this case study complete with stats, strategies and insights from Mark Blenkinsop, Digital Marketing Manager at Dune London.

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