The social web is quickly maturing, and brands are now seeking innovative ways to bridge the gap between Instagram—the reigning king of social engagement—and sales.

Are you still measuring Instagram success in terms of comments and likes? Don’t feel bad if you’re nodding your head up and down. Until recently, it was nearly impossible to attribute referral traffic to Instagram, not because consumers weren’t clicking on your profile link, but because analytics platforms are largely unable to attribute traffic to mobile apps – let alone sales. Even if they could, Instagram’s only active link is the one that lives in a user or brand’s profile, inhibiting engagement with solo images and causing frustration among both brands and their content-seeking fans.

drive mobile traffic from Instagram

Knowing this, you can imagine the excitement surrounding Curalate’s Like2Buy solution – a first-of-its-kind tool that allows brands to link photos on Instagram to individual URLs. As a result, many of the brands we work with are now able to measure, analyze and report on metrics such as traffic, time-on-site, pageviews and revenue – and to tie it all back to Instagram.

Here, we share six great examples of brands that are driving fans from Instagram to their mobile sites using Like2Buy.

1. Charlotte Russe: Giving fans an easier way to buy the products they see.

drive traffic from Instagram

Charlotte Russe is directing consumers from Instagram to products on their website, where they can learn more about—and potentially buy—the covetable collections they come across in their feeds. While this may seem obvious, it was also difficult to achieve until recently. To accomplish this same feat previously, brands like Charlotte Russe pushed product IDs in location tags, swapped out links in their profiles, and experimented with other clunky ideas.

With Like2Buy, Charlotte Russe’s customers now have an easy way to click through from Instagram to the brand’s website. Once there, they can view additional information about the items that wooed them, such as sizing information, product descriptions and reviews. This last point regarding product reviews is incredibly important for brands when you consider that more than 85% of consumers read reviews when deciding what to buy.
Within six weeks of launching Like2Buy, Charlotte Russe generated a 60% click-through rate from their image gallery to their website.


2. The Zoe Report: Quench your fans’ thirst for quality content.

using Instagram to drive mobile traffic

Like2Buy isn’t just about products. Take The Zoe Report, for example, an online style destination curated by fashion maven Rachel Zoe. A pioneer among publishers, The Zoe Reports editorial team is driving fans to blogs and other short articles containing in-depth style recommendations and relevant how-tos. The fall look pictured above now links to a write-up titled “Mix and Match Office Style.” By delivering Instagram users to their website, The Zoe Report is ultimately able to bring that picture to life.

Since adding the Like2Buy link to their profile, The Zoe Report has driven thousands of users from Instagram to their mobile site. These visitors are spending 37% more time browsing than the publisher’s average mobile user. This is especially important for publishers, as many have begun to swap impression-based metrics for those that focus on reader attention.

3. Nordstrom: Generate excitement around an online sale or event.

instagram ROI

Instagram photos enable brands to drive awareness, desire and even purchase intent. To foster all three, Nordstrom promoted their fall clearance sale on the platform, linking users from a photo of their clearance flyer to a dedicated landing page filled with affordable items. The photo itself, which looks as though any customer could have snapped it, is a welcome change from the overwrought imagery that is typically used to promote sales across other social and digital channels.

4. Target: Feature multiple products. Create a complete look.

instagram mobile traffic and revenue

For many brands, it’s not just about an individual product – it’s about helping consumers create a complete look. To cater to this need, Target Style has created custom search results pages for photos that feature multiple goods. When a user clicks on an image in Target’s gallery, it takes them to a comprehensive list of products that are available for purchase online.

5. Z Gallerie: Promote a campaign that lives on your website.

user generated content on instagram

Another great use case comes to us from Z Gallerie, a brand that sells affordable home furniture with a high-end appeal. Currently, Z Gallerie is driving users to an interactive gallery of fans’ photos on their website. The goal with this type of initiative is two-fold. For one, user-generated images provide the social proof needed to drive consideration and sales online. In addition, by flaunting their fans’ images, Z Gallerie is able to prompt consumers to “snap, share and shop” their own home styles as well – a win-win.

6. Saks Fifth Avenue: Create compelling visual experiences with videos.

driving traffic and revenue on instagram

Videos are a viable way to keep consumers engaged with your content longer. For example, Saks experimented with a video (pictured above) of an artist sketching a downright desirable stiletto heel. Users that click on the video within Saks’ gallery are taken to a landing page on, where they can actually see, get more information about, and (if their budget allows it) purchase the real-life version of this studded Gucci stunner.

Start driving traffic from Instagram.

As mobile and social teams continue to go after a bigger slice of the marketing pie, they’ll also need to prove that the tactics they employ are driving traffic to their websites. Like2Buy is an essential ingredient in this recipe.