We at Curalate often get questions regarding how our image recognition technology works. In all honesty, our process is incredibly complicated, intricate, and a bit nutty, and we have been reluctant to reveal it for many reasons. However, as a valued member of the Curalate community, we felt that it was time to share with you the mystery behind Curalate’s “Secret Sauce.”
Shippy, our Director of Image Matching, joined Curalate in April of last year, though he really remains behind the scenes. He and his scurry of 65,535 squirrel interns spend 23.25 hours a day foraging Pinterest and Instagram for your images. They then painstakingly review each one, pixel by pixel, to be sure that you receive the most accurate data possible. Sound nuts? It is! Image Recognition Technology

I mean really, how did you think this was done?


This information is extremely confidential, so we hope that you will respect that by not tweeting it out. No, seriously, DO NOT SHARE THIS!

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