Scheduling posts to Instagram is the bane of every business’s existence, large or small. Why, you ask? Because you can’t schedule posts ahead of time to automatically upload to the the platform. Instagram does this to keep it’s feed up-to-date, showing just an “in-the-moment” collection of what users are up to. And the same goes for businesses.

As a brand on Instagram, you probably already know that while you can set up your posts in detail in the Curalate dashboard ahead of time, actually posting each piece of content requires an additional step, often a push notification to get that content across the finish line and set it live on Instagram.

Curalate’s matching technology knows that these two images are the same, even though the one on the right has been cropped.

This is an Instagram limitation that we’ve all grown accustomed to, but it can sometimes cause problems. If the image isn’t matched correctly between the platform you scheduled it on, and the post once it’s pushed live, the product tagging you’ve applied may not show up, and the image may not be tracked in your analytics. If you want to make last-minute changes to your post (like adding a cool filter), you should be able to — it’s your content after all. But altering a post can cause attribution issues, so image matching matters — a lot.

In the past, de-duplication has been used to solve for this, but it hasn’t always been accurate. When an image is cropped or altered too much, it’s not recognized as the same. Caption analysis gets a bit closer to matching the posts, but it doesn’t catch everything.

Luckily, Curalate has a foolproof way to solve for this. Using an advanced computer vision technique that narrows in on tiny aspects of the image, we use geometric models and statistical analysis to recognize that the image you set up in the Curalate dashboard is, in fact, the same one you just posted to Instagram, even though you’ve made edits to it! In other words, we’ll match the post you scheduled in our dashboard to the image you pushed live to Instagram, even if it’s altered along the way, and we’ll do it consistently with 99% accuracy.

Even though this photo has been filtered, zoomed and cropped, Curalate’s matching technology knows they are the same image.

Compared to de-duplication methods, Curalate’s computer vision analysis reconciles 5.5x more images! This means that for every 11 images de-duplication may have caught before, our analysis will catch 55. So even if you alter the post a bit, we’ll know it’s the same.

What this means for you:

  • Never miss an opportunity to convert. The time you spend tagging products in the Curalate dashboard won’t go to waste. Rest assured that your product tags will be there when you set that post live.
  • Your data stays intact. You can make changes to a post before you push it live, and you won’t have to worry about messing up your analytics.
  • You’ll know how every post is performing when you schedule through Curalate. No other platform out there can match with this level of accuracy.