American Apparel. Crate and Barrel. Apartment Therapy. They’re some of the world’s most enviable brands taking visual marketing to a whole new level. How do those brands adapt to an ever-changing digital marketing environment? How do they increase brand engagement? Which social networks offer the best results?

Speakers from all three companies — and plenty more — will share their thoughts at the first-ever Curalate Summit on October 18 at New World Stages in New York. It’s a chance to learn visual marketing best practices and strategies as well as network with like-minded individuals in the industry.

There are also plenty of opportunities to hear from top innovators who are using the moment of discovery to inspire consumers to take action. In addition, attendees can also engage with Curalate staffers, plan for the future with a look at the Curalate roadmap, and learn about the state of the Martech industry.

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Here are just some of the speakers:

Apu Gupta, CEO/Co-Founder, Curalate
Nick Shiftan, CTO/Co-Founder, Curalate
Michael Akkerman, Head of the Marketing Developer Partner Programs, Pinterest
Jonah Berger — Professor at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania
Abigail Gilman — Social Strategy Manager & Blog Editor, Bon-Ton
Lauren Hise — Associate Marketing Manager, Social Media, Crate and Barrel
Carlie Lawrence — Director of Marketing & Social Media, BaubleBar
Rachel Mae Smith — Founder, The Crafted Life
Carrie McBride — Managing Editor, Apartment Therapy
Avani Patel — Founder & CEO, TrendSeeder
Thoryn Stephens — Chief Digital Officer, American Apparel
Alexandra Wilkis Wilson — Entrepreneur, Author & Co-Founder of Gilt and GLAMSQUAD

Here are a few sessions we’re particularly excited about:

Partner Session: The Pinterest Evolution
Pinterest’s platform has evolved over time in response to consumer behavioral shifts. This session will delve into how Pinterest’s discovery platform helps brands bridge the gap between discovery and e-commerce, making the marketing experience better for their consumers. Attendees will also learn about both organic and paid strategies that brands are leveraging on Pinterest to improve the customer journey.
Michael Akkerman, Head of the Marketing Developer Partner Programs, Pinterest

Micro-Influencers: How Brands Drive Successful Programs with Niche Influencers
In today’s digital age, marketers find themselves challenged to respond to shifting consumer expectations while at the same time maintaining their core brand identity. One common trend has emerged: Consumers relate best to businesses that are authentic and genuine. In this session, we’ll examine how to stay true to your company’s heritage while consistently modernizing your story to align with the changing world around us.
-Lauren Hise, Associate Marketing Manager, Social Media, Crate and Barrel
-Rachel Mae Smith, Founder, the Crafted Life
-Abigail Gilman, Social Strategy Manager and Blog Editor, Bon-Ton Stores

Driving Customer Centricity in an Omnichannel World
The rapid change in how consumers communicate, digest content, socialize and make purchasing decisions have caused digital marketers to continuously evolve their marketing tactics to increase brand engagement. Tackling the challenge of achieving real and measurable returns comes down to how well you understand where to reach your target audience, what motivates them to buy and how to keep them engaged enough to return as a customer. Through best practices and examples you will learn how to leverage data and insights to better understand and respond to consumer behavior, the best methods for developing a flexible and multi-layered master plan that evolves according to customer shopping preferences and behavior, and strategies for maintaining transparency and synchronization between channels.
-Thoryn Stephens, Chief Digital Officer, American Apparel

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