Here at Curalate, we offer software that enables you to influence discovery from the visual content that surrounds your brand. We provide the infrastructure to make your images and videos smarter — making sure moments of discovery turn into opportunities for action.

Whether you’re partnering with Curalate to make your Instagram account shoppable, bring photos from customers or influencers onto your website, or find quality content and influencers in just minutes, we want you to feel empowered by the possibilities — not bogged down by time constraints.

We get a lot of questions about the amount of time it takes to use our platform. We get it. You’re busy — and we want you to know that Curalate saves you a lot of time. Here are 10 ways we do it:

1. Find micro-influencers in minutes not hours. Curalate Explore makes it easy to discover and work with micro-influencers. Typically a hard group to find, micro-influencers are social media moguls with small-but-engaged audiences and authentic voices who create compelling content — and they’re perfect partners for brands. Plus, you can save your favorites so you can easily monitor the content they’re creating and use it to power future marketing efforts. Finding them used to take hours, now it only takes minutes. “Curalate Explore is proving to be a great resource. It identifies potential influencers in a fraction of the time and makes the initial touch with them very seamless,” says Yvette Irvin, Director, Global Digital and Social Innovations, Banana Republic.

2. Search for user-generated content by hashtags or locations. Looking for people posting about #pizza? Or #surfing? Explore lets you search multiple hashtags to find a plethora of compelling content that you can repurpose on the fly. Looking for content that’s location specific? We’ve got you covered with geolocation searching that will uncover the amazing content lurking in your city, town or neighborhood.

3. We identify top-performing imagery, so you don’t have to. Not sure which user-generated content to publish on Fanreel or which photos to make shoppable with Like2Buy? We provide you with automatic recommendations based on detailed engagement numbers. For Jade Margiotta, Social Media Executive at Beauty Bay, it’s been a real time-saver: “The ‘Top Content’ section of the social tab is really handy for us. It means we can quickly and easily identify popular content that fans are interacting with, and then add it to our Like2Buy. Generally it’s mostly our own content which we feature on there, so it’s super easy to attribute product to an image from the Curalate scheduler, so it saves us loads of time!”

4. Schedule social posts in advance. Make your workflow faster and easier by managing and queueing up content. Many of our clients set up social posts, Fanreel imagery or other content a week or more in advance. Bonus: If you productize a photo and schedule it for publication on Instagram, it’s instantly featured on your Like2Buy page — no extra steps.

5. Productize imagery in seconds. In our dashboard, it only takes a few clicks to make your products shoppable and actionable. It’s even faster if you upload your product feed, which will allow you to quickly search for the appropriate product right from our dashboard. A social media manager at a major home furnishing retailer says she spends only two or three hours per week selecting images, merchandising and publishing them. “Overall, the experience is great. It’s easy to understand and the system is quick to react to selections and actions taken. I love having our feed connected to the platform. It’s great to simply begin typing in an item name or number and have a selection pop up from the feed.”

6. Approve or reject content in bulk. We make moderating easy. See a bunch of spam, reject it all at once. See some great imagery, approve it in one shot. A community manager at a popular fashion and apparel brand says: “Curalate’s products are easy to use, and our Success Manager is always quick to train us on any new features/changes. Moderating and managing Fanreel is only about 5-10% of our overall job. It’s easy to use and quick to monitor for us.”

7. Request rights with automatic messaging. Asking permission to use a photo or video? Just click the checkmark and you’ll send an automatic rights-request message to the user. As soon as they say yes, the content is automatically uploaded to your Fanreel. No more steps required. Julia Freece, Senior Manager of E-commerce at Rejuvenation says: “UGC provides us with new imagery for future marketing campaigns. Moderating and managing our Fanreel is only 3-5% of our overall job. The tool is so easy to use that it really takes very little time to moderate and manage our feed with new content on a consistent basis.”

8. Automatically generated reports sent directly to your inbox. We offer automated, customizable reports delivered right to your inbox. They feature loads of details like: revenue, average order value, impressions, unique visitors and so much more. Have to deliver a report to your manager each week? We’ll pull the stats, put them in an easy-to-read format and send it directly to anybody on your staff.

9. Automatically include lifestyle imagery in retargeting ads and abandoned cart emails. If you approve a piece of lifestyle imagery for Fanreel or Reveal, it can be automatically used in Facebook Dynamic Ads or abandoned cart emails to gently remind customers of products they were close to purchasing. We’ve found that using lifestyle imagery in these ads and emails is much more compelling than stock photography and leads to far more conversions.

10. Go omni-channel with ease. Every smart brand wants to maximize its best imagery. Got a photo performing well on your Fanreel? Upload it to your Like2Buy in just a few clicks. Going omni-channel has never been easier.

BONUS: Use our app to add content and schedule on the go. At Curalate, we’re all about connecting inspiration to action. That doesn’t just go for your customers. It goes for our clients too. Inspired by a gorgeous cityscape? Snap away and easily send to the Curalate library via the app.

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