On Tuesday, more than 200 of Philly’s finest descended upon Curalate HQ for an evening of beer, pizza, and a fascinating chat between our CEO Apu Gupta and First Round Capital’s Josh Kopelman.

Friend of Curalate, and former Mayor of Philadelphia, Michael Nutter was on hand to keep the conversation flowing – but mostly just to give Apu and Josh a hard time.Curalate Open House Our event was part of Philly Tech Week 2016 – a celebration of the vibrant and growing technology community in the city that many of us at Curalate call home. It’d been a long time since we opened our doors to the community in such a public way, and we were truly amped to see so many faces, both familiar and new.

Top Moments From the Evening

Curalate Philly Tech Week

Celebrity venture capitalist Josh Kopelman reflects on failure.

With a constant presence on the Midas List of top VCs, Josh is recognized as one of America’s top pickers of successful ventures. But he hasn’t knocked them all out of the park. Josh passed on Twitter when it was ‘Twttr’ because “they couldn’t afford a URL with vowels in it … now they’re worth $10 billion. So that’s kind of a loss.”

It’s pretty lonely at the top … but there’s nothing like it in the world.

One of the more serious moments of the evening came when Apu talked about the responsibility that comes with being CEO. “We’ve now got 140 people who rely on Curalate for their livelihood, that’s a weight that I feel every day. But it’s incredibly rewarding. We’re building the future, and I get to create every single day. And that’s why I do this.”

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Mayor Nutter announces that he has been hired by Curalate in the role of ‘Official MC’.

Biggest perk of the new role?? “Finally, I can take my f*cking tie off!”

“Who doesn’t want other people’s crap in their house?”

At Curalate we get to work with some of the most innovative, glamorous brands in the world. But it could’ve been so different. Curalate’s predecessor was Storably, the ‘Airbnb for storage’. Well, Storably failed … spectacularly. It wasn’t even close. But, as Josh pointed out, “The best ideas come from spectacular failure.”


How to succeed, by Josh Kopelman:

If Josh could give a couple of pieces of advice to entrepreneurs …“Choose bigger ideas, if you succeed the scale is massive and the impact is large. And be contrarian for as long as possible.”

Curalate Dream Big

So, why Philly?

Mayor Nutteran incredible champion for Philly’s tech communityasked Apu about why he chose to build his company in Philadelphia. “We had access to incredible talent and could build a world-class company here.”Curalate Silicon Valley

Apu to Apu:

Asked to travel back in time and give the young Apu Gupta some advice, today’s slightly older Apu said, “Have the confidence to pursue your dreams. This is so much more fun than anything else you will ever do.”

Curalate Apu Gupta

Final Thoughts

It was a truly memorable evening. Thanks to all who came out to see our space and meet our team. We hope it gave you a little glimpse into the fun, challenging, always inspiring world that is life at Curalate.

If you want to learn more about joining our team, have a look at all available job openings on our Careers Page. ‘Official MC’ may be taken, but there’s still plenty of room for growth. Also, ties are optional.