It was anything but a typical morning inside Curalate’s HQ on Monday. It’s not everyday that your cafeteria is filled with reporters and the Mayor of Philadelphia swings by to give a speech.

By now the big news is out, Curalate has been named an official technology partner for the Democratic National Convention, held in late July in our hometown of Philadelphia. With heavy-hitters like Google, Comcast and Microsoft being other technology partners, you could imagine our excitement. We even served donuts with little American flags sticking out of them.

Curalate’s technology has helped 850 leading retailers make social media accounts shoppable, and gather and deploy captivating fan photos by revealing the products held inside. The DNCC will use Curalate’s technology to capture and connect any piece of visual content associated with the convention and make it “intelligent” — meaning it can be connected to information about the party platform, blog posts about the event, or details of attractions in Philadelphia. (Learn more and see examples here.) After it’s over, Curalate will share analytics — like engagement numbers and clickthroughs — with the DNCC.

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At the press conference, Curalate CEO Apu Gupta said he’s excited to help the DNCC use visual content not just engage, but to educate.

“Curalate is going to power digital engagement for the convention and give them the ability to activate this content and capture this content in a very compelling way — and use that visual content to connect people to information about the Democratic National Convention and Democratic party in ways that we’ve never seen before,” said Gupta. “Our platform will give voice to the more than 50,000 people who descend upon Philadelphia for the convention and will give those voices the opportunity to tell those stories to millions of people around the world. These interactive visual voices are going to be displayed on the convention website, on social media and in the Wells Fargo Center itself.”

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Mayor Jim Kenney took a look at the casually dressed Curalate staff and said he wished he’d left his tie at home. “I feel overdressed,” he joked.

Kenney said Curalate will help the DNC tell the story of the convention to millions.

“So much of this convention is about visuals,” said Kenney. “Partnering with Curalate was a great decision by the host committee and convention officials. Curalate’s platform will allow those who could not make the trip a chance to see what’s going on in Philadelphia — inside and outside the Wells Fargo Center.”

Kenney also said that big, national partnerships like this one will help Philadelphia’s startup scene continue to grow and thrive.

Philly startups are “always striving to be the first to come out with the latest and greatest tech trend,” said Kenney. “I’m glad to see that the DNC and the DNC host committee are taking advantage of the great resources located here. As the world moves forward, results are expected faster and faster. The way we meet those demands is through advancing technology.”

Kenney hopes the DNCC  “will look to other Philadelphia businesses and the growing tech industry for any tech needs they may have going forward. This city has done a lot to showcase why we are a great place for your tech-based business on a national level and this convention is a great opportunity to continue that trend.”

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DNCC Digital Director Kelli Klein said this is the first time a local technology company has been named an official technology provider for a major political convention.

“We believe that one of the best tools we have in our disposal is the Philadelphia tech community itself. The convention is very fortunate to be in such a fantastic city,” said Klein. “Having Curalate in the same category as tech companies like Google, Microsoft and AT&T shows the real weight that tech carries around here. Big things are coming out of Philadelphia.”

DNCC Chief Innovation Officer Andrew Binns said the Curalate-DNC partnership sets a new standard for technology at political conventions.

“We’re leveraging the latest technology and social media platforms and launching an unprecedented digital operation to share more experiences and expand engagement,” he said. “We’re creating unique and original content for each social media platform and streamlining user engagement and user-generated content from convention participants. I know that in marketing and politics there’s been a huge shift toward imagery — and this can be incredibly powerful. Curalate gives us a chance to get information to our audience using these powerful images.

Partnering with Curalate will allow the DNCC to expand its audience and highlight content from attendees, delegates and influencers in real time.

“It’s important in terms of having engaging conversations, rather than just one-sided content,” he said. “Aside from just collecting the best content from all aspects of the convention, Curalate allows us to connect with our users and provide information they need to participate in the convention at a deeper level.”