Whether it’s a concert, sporting event or political rally, today’s large-scale events have one thing in common — people are going to take photos and videos. Lots of them. And you better believe they’ll be sharing them all over the internet.

What if the event organizers could gather all that visual content and share it on their websites and social media channels to tell the story of events through the eyes of the attendees?

Well that’s just what’s going to happen from July 25-28 at the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, as Curalate has been named an official technology partner for the Democratic National Convention Committee.

With Curalate, the DNCC will be able to capture and connect any piece of visual content associated with the convention and make it “intelligent” — meaning it can be connected to information about the party platform, blog posts about the event, or details of attractions in Philadelphia.

For example, if a delegate takes a photo of a speaker who’s talking about the minimum wage, the DNCC can connect that photo to a blog post about the Democratic Party’s position on that issue.

“Curalate is partnering with the DNCC to make the 2016 Democratic National Convention the most digitally engaged and technologically advanced convention in history,” said Curalate CEO Apu Gupta, whose company is headquartered in Philly. “This opportunity demonstrates the versatility of Curalate’s innovative technology, and we could not be more proud to play such a strong role in one of Philadelphia’s largest-ever events.”

The announcement of the Curalate-DNC partnership was made at a press conference at Curalate’s headquarters featuring Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, Curalate CEO and co-founder Apu Gupta, DNCC Chief Innovation Officer Andrew Binns and DNCC Digital Director Kelli Klein.

For the 2016 DNC, Curalate will deploy the same technology that allows more than 850 of the world’s leading brands to shorten the distance between discovery and purchase online or through social media channels like Instagram.

Here’s an example. Check out the official Instagram page for the Democratic National Convention:

The 2106 Democratic National Convention Instagram page

Say you notice the beautiful black-and-white image in the top right-hand corner — and wanted to learn more. With Curalate’s Like2Buy solution, users can click on the photo to reveal information about the particular speech as well as information on the overall Democratic platform. See below:


“It’s a really seamless and powerful way to go from a moment of engagement to a moment of education,” said Gupta. “We do this for a tremendous number of brands. Hat’s off to the DNC host committee for realizing this could be applied to the voters as well.”

Curalate joins companies such as AT&T and Microsoft as official technology partners for DNC 2016 — which will be the most innovative and technically advanced political convention in history.

“Partnering with Curalate was a great decision by the host committee and convention officials,” said Mayor Kenney. “Curalate’s platform will grant those that are unable to make the trip the opportunities to see what’s going on in Philadelphia inside and outside the Wells Fargo Center.”

Using Curalate’s platform the DNCC will engage its supporters by:

  • Capturing visual content posted by supporters, delegates, staff, and surrogates which, will connect to other pieces of content and displayed on the DNCC website and on screens in the Wells Fargo Center.
  • Connecting Instagram content from the convention to other relevant content such as news from the convention; blog posts from surrogates about their experiences; or information about things to do and special deals in Philly during the event.
  • Understanding which visual content generates the greatest level of engagement online, informing overall digital content strategy and which images should be used in social ads.
  • Enhancing the DNCC website by placing actionable, connected visual content on blogs, enabling the DNCC to tag content with multiple features or locations such as special offers for restaurants, or details of the many different events that will be taking place during convention week.