Curalate and Amazon Pay are working together to help brands sell more effectively online. How? By shortening the path from inspiration to purchase on channels like Instagram and Facebook. On October 12, we explained the process in a webinar featuring Megan Bruce, Product Marketing Manager at Curalate and Kasey Owens, who manages Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at Amazon Pay. Read on for a recap. To watch the full webinar, click here.

We built Curalate to help brands sell more effectively to today’s consumers, who increasingly discover your products through channels like Instagram and Facebook. Consumers spend an average of 32 minutes a day browsing Instagram and up to 50 minutes browsing Facebook. On Instagram especially, the number of consumers browsing continues to grow year-over-year. In fact, this September, Instagram surpassed more than 800 million monthly active users.

Consumers aren’t opening these apps with the intention to shop – but as they browse, they’re discovering new products that they love, thanks to the compelling editorial and user-generated content that marketers create.

But those moments of discovery can quickly lead to frustration and disappointment when consumers can’t figure out how to get more information about your products or how to purchase them. And even if they do land on your site, they still have to select product variants, add the item to their cart, navigate to the checkout page, then manually type in their billing and shipping information on a tiny little screen. Add up all of the effort and clicks it takes to get to this point and it’s not surprising that mobile conversions are low, especially from social.

These challenges are what Curalate is working with Amazon Pay to solve. Brands use Curalate to make their content shoppable so that they can distribute it across their marketing channels to help consumers find the exact products they see in an image or video, as well as recommended products.

For example, brands use Curalate’s shoppable Instagram solution, Like2Buy, to connect their fans to the products they find in their feeds. Fans can simply click the link in the brand’s Instagram bio to browse a shoppable gallery of posts and click through to the site to shop. This easy customer experience leads to great results for brands, who see up to a 42% increase in traffic to their site after implementing Like2Buy, according to internal 2017 Curalate statistics. They’re also seeing up to a 17% increase in average order value, since Like2Buy helps introduce them to even more products.

And while Like2Buy is clearly a great way to connect customers to the products they’ve discovered and drive traffic to your site, it doesn’t make it any easier for the customer to actually purchase those products after they land on your site. That’s where Amazon Pay comes in. By integrating Amazon Pay into Like2Buy, we can significantly shorten that path to purchase.

And we know that shortening that path really pays off. Mobile consumers who check out through Amazon Pay on a brand’s site can log in and pay in as little as three taps. Brands working with Amazon Pay are seeing up to a 34% increase in conversions when they add Amazon Pay to their checkout page. And because there are more than 300 million active Amazon customer accounts in 170 countries worldwide, you can be confident in knowing you’re offering a payment option that your customers know and trust.

Simplifying the Payment Process

With Curalate’s Amazon Pay integration, customers who want to purchase a product they find on Like2Buy can simply select their color and size, then tap “Amazon Pay” to check out using their Amazon account information. Then all they’ll have to do is log in to Amazon and confirm their purchase on the brand’s site.

Early results from brands who have integrated Amazon Pay into Like2Buy show that optimizing that path to purchase is leading to strong returns. These brands have seen up to a 30x lift in conversions from traffic coming to their site through Amazon Pay, as compared to traffic coming from a click to a product page, according to internal 2017 Curalate statistics. Additionally, brands have seen up to 44% of those transactions coming from new customers. Remember when we mentioned that Instagram’s user base continues to grow year-over-year? Using Curalate and Amazon Pay is a great way to help convert new audiences on Instagram into customers.

And now that we’re heading into the holiday season, making sure you’re connecting fans with a really simple path to purchase is especially critical. You’ll want to take advantage of all of that great holiday content that you’ve spent months carefully planning and creating. With Curalate and Amazon Pay, you can make sure you’re getting as much value and revenue as possible from that content.

What about other marketing channels like Facebook, or Twitter, or email? Well, we can do the same thing for those channels, too, through Curalate’s solution called Showroom. Showroom lets you turn any image or video into a storefront in seconds. It includes three key elements:

  • A hero image, which is based on the original piece of media the consumer clicked on to maintain a beautiful customer experience.
  • A product carousel, which includes all the products tagged in the post designed for easy navigation
  • A discovery module, to introduce people to products they never knew existed as well as more lifestyle content to maintain inspiration while shopping.

How Raymour & Flanigan Unleashes the Power of Social Content

As you can see in the following Raymour & Flanigan example, the Showroom link immediately unlocks the visual contents of the content and displays all the products in the posted video. It also automatically introduces relevant recommendations to help your consumers find more products they’ll love. And it works across any type of content, and on any media channel.

[evp_embed_video url=”” autoplay=”true”]

Showroom is designed around discovery and traffic quality. With Showroom, consumers explore more products, bounce less, and engage longer — without any need to involve your IT department. Your customers will see up to 60 times more of your products as they scroll through a Showroom, and you’ll see up to 53% reduction in bounce rate on your website as well as significant lift in engagement in the form of clicks, according to 2017 Curalate internal statistics. These results will decrease your customer acquisition costs, increase engagement and introduce your customers to their next great find.

By integrating solutions like Amazon Pay and add-to-cart functionality into Showroom, you can make it really easy for your customers to purchase those finds.

How Hanes Made Influencer Marketing Easy

We also know that influencers are likely a critical part of your marketing strategy. Your influencers can link out to Showroom from their posts on social to easily connect their followers to all of the products in those posts and many more. Curalate supports individual Showroom link tracking as well as adding affiliate links, so that you can measure ROI from a specific influencer’s Showroom post.

You can see in this example how Hanes used Showroom in a recent influencer campaign to drive traffic and revenue from an organic Facebook post. And if you’re on the hunt for influencers for your next campaign, Curalate also offers an influencer discovery tool to help you find them.

[evp_embed_video url=”” autoplay=”true”]

And both Like2Buy and Showroom are great ways to get more value from your holiday content. You can use Like2Buy with Amazon Pay to drive conversions from holiday gift-giving posts, and help customers find more gift ideas through our recommendations module.

You can also use Showroom’s simple filtering tool to showcase on-sale products to encourage last-minute gift-giving, or to promote a specific line of holiday products.

In working together, Curalate and Amazon Pay can provide a trusted and simple way to transact during the influential discovery phase of the shopping experience, and help you drive even more value from your content.

If you’re looking for more information on these solutions, visit Curalate online or email us at If you’re an existing Curalate client, just reach out to your Client Solutions Manager. For more information about getting started with Amazon Pay, click here.