Earlier today, Pinterest made a major announcement, which will allow brands to convert their current Pinterest pages to Business Pages.

At Curalate, we’re extremely excited about this, as it provides a major endorsement for all of the brands that have been building out their Pinterest profiles and engaging with the Pinterest community. This type of change, although minor at first, shows a commitment to brands in the Pinterest ecosystem. As Apu Gupta, Curalate’s CEO, mentions in the AdAge article, “It does point in the direction of Pinterest becoming incredibly business-friendly.” For now, Business Pages are identical to regular Pinterest pages. The only immediate change? A much more streamlined process for brands that haven’t verified their website on Pinterest. Below, we reveal how to convert your Pinterest page to a Business Page.

Step 1:

Go to business.pinterest.com and click “Convert your existing account.”

Step 2:

Log in and enter your contact information. Note that you’re able to select your “Business Type,” which can be changed at anytime.

Step 3:

If you already have a profile, the “Profile Info” should already be filled out. If needed, feel free to edit the information accordingly.

Step 4:

Agree to Pinterest’s new Business TOS, which makes it even clearer that Pinterest is now “open for business.” More details on the new “Business” TOS can be found here.

You’ve now successfully converted your account to a Business Page!

Finally, Pinterest has launched a Pinterest for Business resource section, aiming to “help your business get the most out of Pinterest.“ It’s amazing to see Curalate clients featured in this section! These best practices are concepts that Curalate can help you power, today. Get in touch with a brand strategist to discuss how we can help drive these strategies and maximize your efforts on Pinterest.

(Photo Credit: Rosetta)