Just yesterday, Instagram announced that they’re now dabbling in the TV business with the rollout of their newest innovation, IGTV. As of today, marketers and content creators are able to upload videos lasting up to an hour to their IGTV channels.

With this exciting new capability, brands have an awesome new opportunity to connect with their Instagram audience in a highly creative way. Here, we discuss three reasons why brands should jump on the IGTV train today.

     1. Expand your reach.

Be a pioneer! IGTV is brand spankin’ new, and novelty attracts people like bees to honey. Your brand has a great window of opportunity to get in front of a new audience by being one of the first to try out IGTV. There’s more than 800 million people on Instagram and this new feature may bring some less active users back to the platform to check it out.

Additionally, there’s a “Following” tab in IGTV, so your fans can easily access and enjoy your newest content.This increases discoverability and engagement among your existing followers because they can subscribe to your channel and receive alerts when you post something new. IGTV is another great way Instagram allows your followers the freedom to decide how they prefer to be reached!

     2. Show off your creativity.

Think of IGTV like a digital blank canvas. As a marketer, there’s so much you could do with 60 minutes! The added time allows your customers to get to know your brand on a deeper level. You could give a behind-the-scenes look at a runway show and include everything from hair and makeup to the final model lap at the end of the show, or you could use an IGTV video to preview a bunch of new seasonal products that haven’t been released yet to get your fans buzzing. The possibilities are virtually endless! Powwow with your creative teams and fire off a few ideas to test out, or repurpose relevant content you already have.

Bergdorf Goodman did an amazing job diving into IGTV with this video:

Additionally, if you’re working with influencers, IGTV is the perfect place to share content they’ve created for your brand. For example, if you’re a beauty brand, Instagram Stories work great for quick tips and tricks, but with IGTV, you could share an influencer’s full makeup tutorial or a series of how-to videos to show different looks. You could even use Instagram Stories as a way to tease the full IGTV videos!

     3. Make longer-form videos shoppable.

Have you ever wished you could own the wardrobe of a favorite TV show character? IGTV could make that happen! Use IGTV to introduce more of your product catalog in a natural, familiar way, and let your fans shop or take other actions when they watch your channel. Unlike Instagram native posts, when you upload a video to IGTV, you’re able to include a link in the video description. Take advantage of this precious real estate and link to a product or category page. Better yet, if you’re a Curalate client, use Showroom links so users can shop every single item they see in your IGTV videos. It only takes a few clicks to create Showroom links so you don’t have to involve your website or IT teams, and your brand can be on IGTV ASAP.

Don’t wait to take advantage of IGTV – and have a blast with it!


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