I hope you’re excited as we are for the start of the Holiday Season!

At Curalate, we’ll enable over 250,000,000 people this quarter alone to discover products they never knew existed and give them the confidence to buy. We know that for our clients and for brands like you, ‘Black Fiveday’ can be the most important days of the year. Whether you’re a large retailer like Target or an emerging brand like United by Blue, you know that serving customers quickly and consistently is critical for a great customer experience. That’s why we spend so much time engineering our systems to deliver unparalleled availability and incredibly low latency. Because no one likes waiting in line, even online.

Here’s how we prepared for this weekend:

Traffic Forecasting. 📈

We’ve carefully studied traffic patterns from previous years and used them to forecast peak moments of traffic this coming weekend. While Curalate’s infrastructure was elastic to begin with, we’ve overprovisioned server and cache capacity to handle the expected spike in traffic.

Load Testing. ✅

Over the month of November, we’ve run three simulations of peak traffic to ensure that all systems perform as expected, and yes, we passed all of these tests with flying colors.

Code Freeze. ❄️

As in past years, we’ve put a code freeze in place to prevent the introduction of last minute regressions.

Wear a Pager. 📱

While this isn’t unique to the holiday period, Curalate has software engineers and support engineers on call 24/7 throughout this week. As is our reputation, our on-call team will be proactively monitoring our systems and responding to any client questions or issues with lightning speed.

Whether you’ve made a social commerce investment already or are considering one for the future, it’s never too early to start thinking about how your vendor’s infrastructure supports your ability to serve your customers. Because your site is only as strong as its weakest link.

Happy holidays from all of us at Curalate!