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Photos by Lauren McGrath. Follow her on Instagram.

Bianca Posterli proved that she’s a force in the fashion world. Now she’s taking her enviable skill set to one of the biggest tech companies in the world.

Bianca has been a journalist for Fashion Week Daily and Glam Media. She’s worked with Tyra Banks to help build her personal brand on social. She helped launch modeling social platform Modelinia. Forbes named Bianca to its coveted 30 Under 30 list in 2015.

I caught up with Bianca during her last days as Director of Social Media at Stila Cosmetics and looking forward to starting a new job at Twitter as the tech giant’s Senior Social Strategist. We had a wide-ranging discussion, exploring on topics like fashion, user-generated content and why she thinks influencer marketing has hit a “tipping point.”

Tell me about a typical day as Director of Social Media for Stila Cosmetics.

It’s so cliche to say that no day is the same, but that’s honestly true. Some days were spent behind a computer screen planning upcoming content. Other days were spent directing photoshoots or being an arm model for swatches. I worked very closely with a lot of the different teams at Stila — from digital to design to marketing — a facet that I think is very particular to social media roles.

How do you make social posts unique to each platform?

It’s really about understanding the platform. You would never put a billboard ad on television, so why would you replicate Facebook content for Twitter? When I create strategies for different product launches, I think about user behavior and how everyone interacts with each platform. I want our audiences across each platform to receive the full Stila story, and never be bored or served up the same content — whether they’re following us on one platform or all of them.

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For the #StilaSelfie campaign, you sought out regular people — not influencers, bloggers or people with large social followings. Was it successful? What were you hoping to achieve?

Highly successful! We hosted a social media contest, where you were required to submit two selfies and answer questions relating to inner beauty and empowerment. A Stila committee reviewed each of the thousands of entries in order to select the four winners, who were then flown to Los Angeles for a photoshoot. The #StilaBabes images will be featured on all marketing collateral — in store and online!

We wanted to show appreciation for Stila women around the world — not just the bloggers and celebrities who wear and love our products. By selecting regular women, and elevating them to this position as our spokeswomen for the season, this campaign is really highlighting just how important female empowerment and inner beauty really is.

Behind the scenes of a laydown shot. Photos by Lauren McGrath. Follow her on Instagram.

How much did user generated content (UGC) factor into your marketing efforts at Stila?

Highly. Thanks to iPhone cameras and Instagram addictions, UGC has transformed from blurry and barely mediocre to beautifully shot editorial images that are practically professional. Stila uses both UGC flat lays and selfies to help consumers see how the products will work for different skin tones. One of our newest initiatives is a “Best Of” Instagram Story, where we show our followers and consumers love by highlighting their selfies. It’s a fantastic way to show our love for our consumers, but to also show potential consumers how to use our products.

Why is UGC so effective for brands?

You can compare the importance of UGC to the rise of bloggers. Bloggers became important and relevant for both consumers and companies because regular women are able to “see” themselves in bloggers. For once, instead of models displaying the clothes, women of all different skin tones, body shapes and lifestyle interests were showing off the designs — making them applicable to YOU instead of showing off the clothing on the unattainable body of a model.

UGC is the exact same thing. Consumers are able to find images they can relate to because they see themselves in the image. They’re then much more likely to purchase, having been able to visualize themselves wearing the product.

What are your thoughts on influencer marketing? Is it a fad or the future?

I don’t think it’s going anywhere just yet. However I do think that we’ve reached a tipping point when it comes to the number of influencers out there and just how willing audiences are to believe them. Consumers and followers are becoming much more savvy when it comes to #ad and #spon … and thanks to the disaster that was #FyreFestival, they’re much less willing to immediately believe the hype created by paid endorsements.

Let’s talk about your career. You’ve worked in journalism. You’ve worked at a media company. You’ve worked for Tyra Banks. How do those roles compare to working for a brand? 

Across the board, there’s been one constant — I’m always speaking to and connecting with an audience. I honestly think one of the best foundations of my career was studying journalism in college; it strengthened my ability to take on different voices and tailor my writing to different audiences.

Leaving Stila was very, very hard. I loved that job. The team was amazing. I’m really sad to leave — but working at Twitter is one of those dream opportunities. I’m leaving Stila in a really great place. I’m really proud of all of the changes we made. I think our social looks amazing and I’m leaving it in really good hands right now. It was a bitter-sweet decision.

Tell me about your new gig at Twitter. 
I’ll be on a team that’s moving forward the actual social plan for the company — meaning @Twitter on Twitter, and @Twitter on Instagram. I’ll also be developing the strategy for additional handles.

What’s it like to join a company with such a massive reach?
The first time I had to post to Stila’s Instagram account, the reach was 1.6 million people. Now it’s 2.1 million. It was such a daunting experience. Now I’m going to be tweeting to 60 million people — it’s definitely a little overwhelming but very exciting. Our team has the opportunity to speak to millions of people about what’s happening on Twitter and in the world. That’s what Twitter is used for, news dissemination and getting opinions out there and really reaching an audience. The Twitter team is such an intelligent group of people who are hard working. I think that Twitter is having such a big moment again. It really is a dream job for me.

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Photos by Lauren McGrath. Follow her on Instagram.

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