Last holiday season, athletic brand ASICS sought a means to transform Instagram engagement into measurable revenue. They turned to digital agency Red Door Interactive for help, and boy, did they see results.

According to Red Door Interactive, ASICS’ #BetterYourBESTivus campaign led to:

  • Instagram generating 30% of all social media conversions during the campaign;
  • approximately 24,000 Instagram likes + comments;
  • and a significant increase in ecommerce holiday campaign revenue over the previous year.

ASICS Instagram holiday campaign

How’d they achieve it? Here’s the scoop.

The #BetteryourBESTivus campaign was launched in December across various digital and social channels. For 12 days, ASICS featured photos of various products alongside witty copy. Each day of the promotion, Instagram users were incentivized to regram the photos with the opportunity to win a $50 gift card. With clever, scalable content, ASICS managed to really extend its reach during the campaign.

ASICS betteryourbestivus

That explains the 24,000 engagements, but what about the boost in revenue? Links in Instagram photo descriptions aren’t clickable, making it difficult for brands to generate conversions directly from the platform.

To overcome that hurdle, Red Door Interactive and ASICS enlisted Curalate’s Like2Buy tool, which in just two clicks, transports a shopper from admiring a product on Instagram to that item’s ecommerce page. In each of the #BetteryourBESTivus photo descriptions, it was noted that the product featured could be purchased by clicking the link in the profile.

ASICS revenue Instagram

Red Door reported that Instagram, via the Like2Buy tool, contributed approximately one-third of social media conversions during the campaign. Ultimately, the brand created a verifiable path to purchase from Instagram to its website, which resulted in a significant amount of revenue that might have otherwise been lost.

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