Halloween is a special time for American Apparel.

The retailer sells everything from bodysuits to basics to form-fitting disco pants — making it a hugely popular Halloween costume destination. Whether they’re going for funny or sexy, people love to use AA merchandise as part of their costume designs.

American Apparel has hosted a Halloween costume contest for years, but wanted to kick it up a notch in 2015, so it offered this super-sweet silver 1987 Cadillac Allantè with Italian leather as its top prize. To enter, the company asked fans to upload a photo to any social platform with the hashtag #aaHalloween.

After gathering thousands of awesome entries, American Apparel wanted to show them off, so it partnered with Curalate to create a Fanreel of all the best entries, which is now displayed on the American Apparel site.

But it’s no secret that Halloween can get racy, so American Apparel wanted the ability to moderate the content. With the Curalate platform, the American Apparel team easily filtered through the entries to find the best content, ask for user permissions and remove any inappropriate material. Without it, social contests at American Apparel — and all the fun that comes with them — could have become things of the past.

“We couldn’t continue to run social contests in the way we had been running them historically,” said Katrina Reynolds, Digital Marketing Manager at American Apparel’s Los Angeles HQ. “We needed a tool like Fanreel to help us moderate the content, but also a rights management tool to satisfy our legal department.”

American Apparel’s dominance of Halloween is just one part of the company’s larger digital marketing strategy. It recently partnered with Curalate to launch a new Fanreel displaying the very best photos from its 1.6 million Instagram followers — and all the imagery is shoppable. Want to know more about the partnership? Check out our full interview with Katrina to learn how the company used Curalate to: