It’s not every day that our company is featured in Adweek, so we’re having a hard time hiding our excitement!

The story centers around our client Sperry — the Massachusetts-based boat shoe brand. Sperry has been using our newest product Curalate Explore to find social media influencers that can increase brand awareness and build audience.

“In the last several months, the retail chain has worked with roughly 100 ‘micro-influencers,’ or consumers who were posting popular images of Sperry products on social media,” Adweek wrote. “Working with Curalate Explore, the retailer accesses and shares the pictures — with the consent of the photographers — to great effect.”

It’s no wonder why Sperry is enlisting the help of micro-influencers. The following post, featuring a photo taken by Slava Daniliuk (@slavatheshrimp – 4,500 Instagram followers), was Sperry’s most-engaged photo of 2016. One look and it’s obvious why it was a hit.

“Daniliuk was inspired by Sperry’s “Odysseys Await” campaign, and he began to post with the brand’s hashtag, #OdysseysAwait, while exploring Lake Tahoe, Yosemite Park and other well-known locations,” Adweek wrote. “Recognizing his photography talent, Sperry invited him to create content for the brand’s social channels, emails and website while he was off exploring on other freelance projects.”

That’s just the kind of partnership Sperry hopes to facilitate with Curalate Explore. Stacy Goodman, Sperry’s digital marketing manager, explained that Sperry works with a wide array of social media folks but hopes to bolster its roster of micro-influencers by using Explore. It’s all about finding people whose lifestyles and content authentically fit the brand aesthetic of exploration and sea-based adventure.

The team also plans to use Explore to create a formal social ambassador program. “It will start out with 12 people next year, and participants will include athletes, marine biologists and outdoors enthusiasts,” said Adweek.

Read the entire Adweek article here.

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