At Curalate, we are super fortunate to be able to chat with some of the smartest brands and social media folks out there. During our conversations, there’s been one question that has come up again and again – just how much of my brand’s Pinterest engagement happens on my boards versus off of them?

To answer this question, Curalate used a modest sample of 17 million brand engagements–pins, repins, comments and likes–across a diverse swath of brands. The data represented activity on Pinterest over the last 90 days.

We found that on average, only about 15% of a brand’s engagement happens on its own boards! Out of the 17 million brand interactions, only 2MM originated on the boards of the 80 brands analyzed.

As with all averages, your brand’s mileage may vary. Certainly, brands with websites that aren’t content rich or pin-friendly will see that engagement on their boards will be higher than average. However, for many brands, this means that truly mastering Pinterest requires analytics that can reveal what is happening with your brand both on your boards and off your boards. We fully believe that on-board engagement rates will increase as Pinterest evolves and as brands find more creative ways to engage with their followers. That said, with so much activity happening off-board, it’s important that brands understand and shape their organic content strategies to reflect the way Pinterest users use the site today.