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You know the basics. You’re managing the Twitter handle (or a number of handles) for your company and, as any data-savvy social media manager would do, you keep regular tabs on your analytics. As we say here at BrandGlue (we’re a social media agency), data is everything.

So what can you do to take your strategy to the next level? How can you diversify your Twitter feed in order to stand out from the constant flow of tweets that your followers see?

With more than 500 million tweets getting sent out each day, it’s tough to compete. To help you get those coveted eyeballs on your content, here are six tried and true tricks based on data to diversify your Twitter feed, making sure you’re reaching (and engaging!) your followers.

     1. Post beyond business hours

If you only tweet during regular business hours, you’re missing out on the rest of the hours of the day when a large number of your followers, regardless of industry, are online and active on Twitter. While it’s true that 58% of tweets occur during the workday, that misses nearly half of your potential audience. Bus, train, and other types of commuters often spend a portion of their travel time on social networks, including Twitter, and some of the highest engagement rates occur on Saturday afternoons.

No one expects all of your tweets to be posted manually, and scheduling your tweets will help increase productivity and content quality. Additionally, with 80% of the United States’ population residing in Central and Eastern time zones, scheduling will help ensure you hit peak posting times in each zone.

While it is imperative to tweet consistently, over-posting will ultimately result in a loss of engagement and followers. Keep an eye on your analytics and find that perfect mix of timing and volume for your unique audience.

     2. Engage, don’t broadcast

Sure, a small number of brands can get away with simply broadcasting their messages to the public and produce immediate engagement (hello Kim Kardashian and professional sports teams), but for most of us, we need to take our Twitter game to the next level. In order to garner engagement, you have to be strategic about how you tweet. Creativity is key.

When crafting your tweets, aim to include relevant industry topics that will intrigue your audience and provide a greater understanding of your company. Try bridging the gap between what your audience is sharing and how your products and services can accommodate them.

Polls are an awesome way to engage with your audience. Not only are you allowing them to share their own thoughts and feelings, but you are able to collect additional information about your target that you can use to better suit their needs in the future.

And while it might seem like a no-brainer, make sure you respond to any questions or comments aimed toward your company (as quickly as you can). As many as 35 percent of users will avoid your brand if they don’t receive a response. Additionally, responding to customers provides an avenue to diversify yourself from your competition.

     3. Use your analytics

Twitter analytics offer a wealth of information that will help you create content that will resonate with your target audience and diversify your feed. Not only will you have an understanding of the impressions that your paid and organic content receives, but you’ll be able to learn the types of messaging that’s getting engagement (likes, retweets, replies, etc.) – and add more of those messaging types into your regular posting mix.

In addition, use your Twitter analytics to find out who is following your account. This is a great way to learn how to engage with your audience. When you find old or fake accounts following you — delete them. They won’t engage with your posts if they aren’t actually there.

     4. Experiment with character lengths

The average tweet is only 50 characters. Even with having an additional 140 characters now, the average tweet has not increased in length at all. Instead, that extra length is often used to allow for videos, images, and retweet reactions. Consider testing the lengths of your tweets and see if overall engagement goes up, and then adapt accordingly.

Experiment with different character lengths when you are using videos and images, or sharing blogs to learn what resonates the most with your audience. You can also use the extra cushion creatively, leaving extra spaces and adding emojis.

     5. Videos

Since early 2016, tweets with video have increased by over 50 percent. More than one million minutes of video are projected to be shared online every second by 2021 – meaning in three years 82% of all internet traffic will be attributable to video.

So, why include video in your feed? It will allow you to diversify your tweets more than any other form of posting. You have the ability to share all types of video, from promoted videos to ones that are live-streamed. You can even respond to questions or comments via video. It doesn’t get much more personalized than that!

     6. Create graphic templates

There’s no denying that posts with images perform better on every platform. However, there are ways to make the graphic you choose do a little bit more for a lot less work.

Utilizing graphic templates will allow you gain more eyes on your content, as well as help to establish your brand’s style. Templates will create recognition from your audience, so that when you post specific content your followers will know it is you before they even begin reading.

A series of templates can also help you reaffirm the message in your post. Setting your templates to hit the key points of your posts tells your audience the overall gist without having to read your entire tweet. This gives them a chance to become interested in a fraction of the time.

In summary, getting a tweet to stick out doesn’t have to be difficult — you just need to utilize today’s data-driven best practices, which include these six tricks. So, get out there and start tweeting. You can connect with our team via @glue. See you on the Twittersphere!

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