We know that making the decision to move to a new UGC solution provider is an important one, and you’re going to do your homework. To help you make an informed decision, here are six things you should consider when evaluating a new UGC solution provider, and how Curalate stacks up.

1. Seamless UGC sourcing, moderation, and permissioning.

With Curalate, you can source UGC from any Instagram hashtag, location, and post in which your brand has been mentioned or tagged; request rights to that content and keep track of permission status; and automatically feature it onsite as soon as the user provides permission. We’ve done the work to make sure your access to UGC isn’t affected by Instagram’s recent API changes.

2. A commitment to protecting your customers’ privacy.

Curalate is the only UGC solution provider in the market to take a step beyond GDPR compliance to ensure that your customers’ privacy is a priority. As a voluntary Privacy Shield participant, we’ve made a public commitment with the Department of Commerce to comply with EU data protection requirements when transferring your customers’ data from the EU to the US.

3. Reliable and fast onsite performance.

Did you know that even a one-second delay in load time can decrease ecommerce conversions by up to 7%? With our 99.9% uptime guarantee, you can rest assured knowing that your UGC galleries will always load—and quickly. We use a modern approach to placing gallery code onsite that results in fast loading, no matter whether your site was built this year or 10 years ago. That’s why our galleries load 25% faster than the competition.

4. A painless UGC gallery migration process.

Think making the transition to a new provider is going to be a massive headache? Think again. We’ll migrate all the content featured in your UGC gallery and replicate the look and feel. That means no downtime on your site and no duplicated work on your end. And don’t worry, we won’t charge you any pesky onboarding fees, either.

5. Robust Instagram analytics and scheduling capabilities.

Curalate’s Instagram dashboard provides powerful insights into how your posts and Stories are performing; top fans engaging with your brand; key audience insights; and robust image, video, Story, and gallery post scheduling that’s integrated with Like2Buy. Our feed preview feature helps you make sure your posts will appeal to new fans browsing your feed.

6. Tools that can extend the value of your UGC content.

As a Curalate client, you can easily execute an omnichannel marketing strategy by repurposing UGC and other content you’ve featured onsite across all of your marketing channels, using Showroom and Reveal. Looking for new fans and influencers to partner with? We can help with that, too.