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If you’ve been struggling to increase your social media engagement, you’re not alone. Content engagement has dropped by 50% over the past three years, leaving many brands frustrated and struggling to reach their fans and followers on social. To help combat this, the team at BrandGlue has put together five techniques that can help your company fight that drop and start generating more engagement with your social posts.

     1. Perfect Timing

Posting great content is useless if it isn’t being seen by your target audience. Each social platform has an algorithm that determines who will see the content that you post. By posting content during the timeframes your audience is the most active on social media, the algorithm allows more eyes to land on your post.

A great way to ensure that you are posting at the optimal times is to conduct research on your target audience and collect as much data as you can about their social media usage. Once you’ve collected the information, find a scheduling tool that best suits your posting needs. Scheduling tools can allow you to post content well in advance, guaranteeing your posts receive optimal engagement – without you having to be actively posting all hours of the day.

     2. Be Active

The stronger the relationship you build with your audience, the more likely they are to continually interact with the content you post. Part of accomplishing this relationship is to provide relevant information, whether it’s via your owned content, or curated content using articles, blogs and videos related to your brand and message. If customers can count on your brand to post about more than just product updates – they’re more likely to follow you and engage with your content.

Another key part of sustaining a good relationship with your audience is promptly responding to questions and comments. No one likes to be kept waiting, so if possible aim to respond within a few hours.

Finally, when responding to your audience, try to steer clear from simply copying and pasting answers. Consumers are savvy social users and will quickly sniff out canned responses. This could cost you followers, and ultimately engagement.

     3. Visuals Matter

An easy way to start increasing the engagement your social posts receive is to add images and videos. Posts with images generate 150% more retweets and 2.3x more Facebook engagement than posts without images. Video these days is king, and rarely can a brand push out too much video on social.

Put your graphic design skills to the test by analyzing your audience and creating images that will grab their attention. Creating a series of templates can also help you to create brand recognition and ultimately earn more engagements. Be careful when using stock photos; overly posed images tend to fall prey to the dreaded scroll.

     4. Ask Questions

It’s not enough to simply post AT your audience. If you want them to engage with your posts, you need to give them something that’s worth their time to read, comment, share or like the content. Polls are a great way to not only increase engagement rates, but collect information about your target audience that you can use in future campaigns.

Another way to get your audience talking is to ask them what their opinion is or to share an experience or idea. This will give your followers a sense of empowerment and help your content to receive more likes, shares, and comments.

     5. Use Offers/Incentives

People like to play games, and they especially like to win. You don’t need large prizes in order to be effective. Create a contest that will entice your audience’s competitive side. It could be anything from posting a selfie with your product to captioning a fun image you’ve provided.

Play on your target audience’s frugal side by offering coupons in exchange for social actions. Again, this doesn’t have to be an extravagant gesture. Free shipping or a 10% off discount should do the trick.

Increasing social media engagement is an ongoing task. It will take time to get to know your audience and find the most effective strategies. These five tips are a great way to start getting social media users buzzing about your brand.

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