If anyone has mastered the art of strengthening consumer relationships and driving engagement on Instagram, it’s the marketing brains behind fashion brands. Instead of relying on an anonymous social media team, the most successful brands tap one personality to serve as the face of their “personal” Instagram accounts. Here’s why it works: It allows users to relate to and be inspired by the guy/girl who wears the clothes, plus it gives them a peek behind the scenes which fosters a close consumer relationship.

Below, we share a few fashion brands that do this especially well.

1. Tory Burch

The Tory Burch brand Instagram page is synonymous with Tory Burch’s personal page. The designer posts childhood photos of her sons on Throwback Thursdays — then pics in which she’s modeling her own clothes and accessories with captions about their availability online and in stores. So instead of filling your feed with photos that read like advertisements, Tory adds an authentic touch that makes her customers feel closer to the brand.

This could explain why she’s cultivated over 380,000 Instagram followers — and her company brought in $800 million in revenue in 2012.

2. Rebecca Minkoff

Instead of strictly serving as the face of her Instagram page, designer Rebecca Minkoff also puts her fans in the spotlight. The brand consistently regrams users wearing Rebecca Minkoff, which gives fans a little love plus provides inspiration for how to style her stuff. Leveraging Curalate’s UGC solution, the brand has taken this idea one step further by collecting and displaying fan photos directly on-site, which allows users to upload photos of their favorite Rebecca Minkoff products from Instagram, Facebook, or their desktop. The gallery includes cues to purchase the items featured, and fan photos populate each product page.

This immersive experience lets fans have fun with the brand and provides Rebecca Minkoff’s ecommerce team with a wealth of lifestyle images that make the shopping experience all the more engaging.Curalate, Rebecca Minkoff

3. Alice + Olivia

The Alice and Olivia account is full of visual updates from founder Stacey Bendet’s perspective. Like most Instagram users, Stacey often grams the moments of her daily life, such as yoga poses or vacations with her family. But she also shares her outfit of the day (aka #OOTD) and wisely styles Alice + Olivia pieces with vintage finds and other brands’ clothes. The fashion line’s designer uses Instagram to open up to her fans in a relatable way — then shows off her favorite pieces and exactly how to wear them.

It’s no surprise she’s netted over 300,000 followers and received thousands of likes per photo.

4. Oscar de la Renta

Perhaps one of the most well-known social media personalities is Oscar de la Renta’s Oscar PR Girl, the brainchild of the brand’s senior vice president of communications, Erika Bearman. Erika was able to see that Oscar de la Renta could form stronger relationships with their consumers through an inside look into the fashion powerhouse and, through Oscar PR Girl, became the voice of the brand’s social media platforms. On Instagram, Erika provides just that with snaps of her outfits, backstage peeks at fashion shows, and vintage photos of Oscar de la Renta himself.

Oscar PR Girl’s 260,000+ fans embrace her perspective as a girl working for the brand, and they especially love taking part in her glamorous perks. Evidence that this works: A post of Erika wearing an Oscar dress garnered over 8,700 likes and comments from users who had to have it in their closet. More importantly, one commenter confessed she bought the dress the second she saw the picture.

The Takeaway

Make fans feel like friends on Instagram with relatable posts, and they’ll immediately feel an emotional connection with your product that will translate into sales. Pick one personality or let your users do the talking — either way, the aim is to create a truly social experience that fosters a strong consumer relationship.