Brands are on a constant mission to inspire potential consumers. From travel to retail to publishing, brands are hoping to set their products and services apart — and they’re increasingly utilizing 360-degree photos and videos.

Clearly it’s catching on. Millions of people watch 360 videos on Facebook every day and hundreds are added daily, the social media giant reported. Facebook, YouTube and Google Street View have already gotten people used to 360 imagery, and they’re spending 9x more time with 360 content than with traditional content. 360 ads have even come to Snapchat.

Here are five ways brands using 360 imagery to drive discovery:

Retail: Shoppable Content That Mimics In-Store Experiences

West Elm used Curalate Revolve to launch a 360-degree shopping experience that “opens” one of its physical stores to millions of people online. Users can virtually walk through the store, browse products and make purchases.


When fashion brand Alice + Olivia launched a collection based on the art of the late Jean-Michel Basquiat, they wanted to make the launch party something special. Instead of a storefront, it was held at a Manhattan art gallery called The Hole — creating an experience that truly encapsulated the art-meets-fashion project. Using Curalate Revolve to launch a 360 shoppable experience made the event “open” to thousands of fans online.


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Publishing: Telling Stories in New Ways

Newspapers and publishers are eager to innovate to combat a difficult marketplace. USA Today has done its part to stand out and amplify stories with 360 content. Here’s a heart-pounder: a 360 experience with the legendary Blue Angels —the U.S. Navy pilots that fly their planes at upwards of 400 mph in extremely tight formations.

Exotic locations lend themselves to 360 experiences. People seem to love exploring far off (and dangerous) places from the comfort of their own homes. National Geographic capitalized on this trend with gorgeous 360 footage of Victoria Falls at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. Shared on Facebook, the video has already gotten nearly 7 million views.

Travel: Creating Serious #FOMO

Luftansa is an airline hoping to inspire people to travel. Here’s a video they created to help travelers picture what life is like in the middle of Beijing.

Shangri-La Hotels offers immersive 360 discovery experiences to shape customer decision-making. Here, they brand shared a tour of a Shangri-La Hotel in Tokyo and the surrounding area.

Fashion: Offering Exclusive Access

Want a front-row seat at a Paris fashion show? You either have to know somebody, be in the industry or have lots of money. But Dior has another way, 360 video:

Barbour also offered a VIP experience, a virtual trip to its Spring/Summer 2017 show at men’s fashion week last June.

Automotive: Driving Inspiration

Luxury car brands can use 360 video to create inspiring, jealousy inducing videos. Rolls Royce used a 360 experience to show off its newly released 103EX model. Car lovers, get ready to start salivating.

Tesla rival Faraday Friday unveiled its FFZERO1 concept car in 360. Is there a better way to show off such a splashy, long-awaited product?

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