What types of back-to-school knickknacks get consumers most excited this time of year? Classes are in full swing. And in a push to answer this question and capture the excitement around a new school year, The Grommet—a company that launches and helps grow “undiscovered products”—recently designed a Pinterest promotion for anyone and everyone with textbooks on the mind.

While the concept may seem straightforward, The Grommet’s timely Pinterest promotion makes use of three subtle yet strong calls to action that make it anything but elementary. Read on to learn what these CTAs are, and then use them to smarten up your own Pinterest strategy.

1. Ask fans to pin their favorite image.

There are only two requirements for someone who wants to enter The Grommet’s fall contest. 1) Enter your email address (more on this next). And 2) pin your favorite image. To facilitate the latter, The Grommet gives participants three pins to pick from: “Unique School Supplies,” “Lunch Solutions,” or “Innovative Organizers.” If none of these options make the grade, entrants can also get creative and pin an image of their choosing.

Pinterest Promotion

Pin-to-win promotions are simple by nature, but for marketers, they can also be extremely valuable. Not only is Pinterest driving more social sharing of retail content than any other network, according to a recent report from BI Intelligence, but consumers are doing so willingly, without an explicit request from brands. By offering a reward (the potential to win a $500 gift card) for pinning an image—an action they’ve likely taken countless times before—The Grommet uses a fairly basic incentive to ultimately boost their Pinterest presence and drive traffic back to their website.

Still another advantage of this type of contest is that popular pins have legs. While content on feed-based platforms like Instagram and Facebook tends to be pushed out of sight in a matter of minutes (or once the ad dollars run out), Pinterest content is based on relevance, not recency.  Because of this, popular pins can gain momentum months after they are initially published. In The Grommet’s case, this means they have the ability to drive traffic from their back-to-school promotion through graduation and beyond.

2. Collect email addresses.

As mentioned, the second requirement of The Grommet’s promotion is to enter an email address. This is reasonable enough, as brands need to be able to contact winners to claim their prize.

The benefit to brands, however, goes well beyond this basic need. Emails collected over the course of a campaign offer a scalable way for a brand to grow their contact database and extend communication with potential customers. Those who opt to receive additional information can then be targeted with relevant emails in the future. Hypothetically, if The Grommet knows that a certain group of pinners are interested in “Unique School Supplies,” it might be beneficial to alert them to backpacks that convert into superhero capes around Halloween.

3. Drive fans to a related Pinterest board.

Pinterest Boards About School

Those who participate in The Grommet’s Pinterest promotion may also be in the market for other classroom-friendly gadgets and goods. To inspire these individuals, The Grommet is lastly encouraging entrants to click through to, and follow, a Pinterest board titled “From Students to Grads.” From there, users can discover additional products fit for kindergarteners and college students alike. The main point here is that The Grommet doesn’t mandate this action, rather, they offer it as a way to complement their campaign and drive engagement with their images.

Pass Pinterest with Flying Colors.

Pinterest’s recent slew of updates to the platform—an on-site follow button feature; direct messaging; enhanced analytics—should serve as a reminder to all brands. Pinterest audiences are growing. Visual platforms are here to stay. And, at an increasing rate, the social web is becoming integral to the way consumers engage with and form tastes for brands.

Pinterest promotions are proving to be an effective way to boost visibility on the visual web. To learn more, download our case study on Kahlúa’s “Spirit of the Holidays” promotion. In it, we explain how the liqueur brand leveraged Pinterest during the holidays to collect 16,000 emails and generate 1.4 million impressions.