Instagram has started Q1 with a bang, releasing lots of updates to its platform that have significant implications for marketers. Below, we’re sharing some need-to-know information about three of Instagram’s most recent moves.

1. Instagram’s native shoppable posts go global: Instagram announced that it will expand its native shoppable posts to eight additional countries: the U.K., Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Italy, Spain, and Brazil. This is great news for brands with an international presence and shows continued investment from Instagram in their native shopping experience.

At Curalate, we’ve been making Instagram shoppable since 2013, starting with Like2Buy for brand posts and adding Showroom to drive more product discovery from Stories, paid media, and other social channels.

Hundreds of brands continue to use both Like2Buy and Instagram Shopping together because they see higher conversion rates, more page views, and more revenue by giving their fans on Instagram multiple options to shop their feed. Additionally, brands can take advantage of Like2Buy features like product recommendations, email capture, retargeting support, the ability to tag category and non-product pages, and Amazon Pay integration to further optimize the shopping experience and expand your customer base.

And while tagging products to posts on Instagram through its native shopping feature makes just that post shoppable, tagging products to content in Curalate enables you to maximize the value of that content by distributing it everywhere, including email, onsite galleries, and paid media. Curalate client Dune London, for example, saw an 82% increase in revenue from pages on its site containing content tagged in Curalate.

Brands who use Like2Buy and Instagram Shopping together see an average 1.6x lift in page views and a 2.3x lift in conversion rate. On average, 75% of total brand revenue from Instagram comes from Like2Buy.*

Don’t yet have access to Instagram’s native shoppable posts? We can help get you up and running — reach out to your Client Solutions Manager or for more information.

2. Support for tagging users and locations in auto-published posts: We’ve been excited to roll out support for auto-publishing posts in Curalate because we know it’s a huge time-saver for our brands, but we also know that those time savings can be lost if you need to tag a location, influencer, or retailer in your posts. That’s why we’re thrilled about Instagram’s announcement this week to support user and location tagging for auto-published posts, exclusively for Instagram Marketing Partners! When this feature is available in our web app in the next few weeks, Curalate clients will be able to schedule a post, tag a user or a location, set up automatic posting — and relax. We’ll make sure that post goes live at the right time, with the right tags. And when you tag products to your post, we’ll make sure it’s automatically featured on Like2Buy at post time, too.

Wish you could tag products in Curalate and create a Shopping post on Instagram at the same time? So do we — but unfortunately, that functionality isn’t yet supported through Instagram’s API. But stay tuned for the ability to auto-publish video posts, which Curalate will support later this year when Instagram rolls that out to its Marketing Partners.

3. Significant API updates: Instagram’s API makes it possible for companies like Curalate to support you with analytics, publishing, UGC acquisition, and other core Instagram features in a scalable way. Instagram is currently planning some changes to its API to help brands better manage their organic presence. While these changes include support for new features—like expanding auto-publishing to more types of content—they also include the removal of others, like the ability to access information about your followers. As an Instagram Marketing Partner, we’ve been working closely with Instagram over the past few months to provide feedback on these planned changes and advocate for continued support for features we know are critical for our brands.

As Instagram finalizes its API planning over the next few weeks, we’ll provide more details about what these changes mean for marketers. It’s important to note right now, though, that it will not block the ability to access UGC content at scale through Curalate. We’re excited to continue to feature UGC in galleries on your website and across your marketing channels, as well as to provide net-new time-saving features for you, like auto-publishing video posts.

*Based on an analysis of a subset of Curalate brands who used both Like2Buy and Instagram Shopping together over a 2-month period in late 2017.


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