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Curalate optimizes digital commerce for discovery.

Our platform provides more than 1,100 brands with tools to help consumers discover their next purchase, growing revenue at scale.

Our team consists of startup veterans, social media savants, experience experts, and big-data bosses.

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  • Apu Gupta Apu Gupta CEO/Co-founder
  • Nick Shiftan Nick Shiftan CTO/Co-founder
  • Louis Kratz, PhD Louis Kratz, PhD Research Engineer
  • Rich Schumacher Rich Schumacher Software Engineer
  • Kyle Sheehan Kyle Sheehan Software Engineer
  • Mike Cook Mike Cook Director of Engineering
  • Clark Roberts Clark Roberts VP, Engineering
  • Aaron Steinberg Aaron Steinberg Manager of Sales
  • Lizzy Britton Lizzy Britton Manager, Software Engineering
  • Michael Busby Michael Busby Software Engineer
  • Trisha Noel Trisha Noel Director of Talent Acquisition
  • Karl Shouler Karl Shouler Software Engineer
  • Doug Foulkes Doug Foulkes Client Partner
  • Mike Deonarain Mike Deonarain IT Manager
  • Kelsey Kramer Kelsey Kramer Account Manager
  • Al McQuiston Al McQuiston Brand Design Lead
  • Erik Mainz Erik Mainz Manager, Software Engineering
  • Sal Lardizzone Sal Lardizzone Senior Client Support Engineer
  • Brian Marks Brian Marks Software Engineer
  • Ricky Weisskopf Ricky Weisskopf Product Manager
  • Malini Jagannadhan Malini Jagannadhan Manager, Product Management
  • David Crozier David Crozier Software Engineer
  • Thomas McCormick Thomas McCormick Software Engineer
  • Kevin Lin Kevin Lin Solutions Engineer
  • Daniel Ngwerume Daniel Ngwerume Project Manager
  • Mark Junod Mark Junod Software Engineer
  • Sadie Forsyth Sadie Forsyth Senior Client Support Engineer
  • Arup Ghose Arup Ghose Senior Client Solutions Manager
  • Ben Vellek Ben Vellek Solutions Engineer
  • Nick Colasacco Nick Colasacco Strategic Partner Manager
  • Bria Vicenti Bria Vicenti Software Engineer
  • Abbey Wilson Abbey Wilson Account Manager
  • Thomas Aristone Thomas Aristone Inbound Associate Client Partner
  • Stephen Gagliastri-Jones Stephen Gagliastri-Jones Client Support Engineer
  • David Fein David Fein Product Manager
  • Adam Burkhalter Adam Burkhalter Software Engineer
  • Chris Camisa Chris Camisa Software Engineer
  • Tom Fiset Tom Fiset Software Engineer
  • Charles Ring Charles Ring Solutions Engineer
  • Cristina Pretto Cristina Pretto Client Partner
  • Anna Tollar Anna Tollar Account Manager
  • Summer Than Summer Than Software Engineer
  • Katie Elander Katie Elander Product Designer
  • Erin Good Erin Good Project Manager
  • Leo Strupczewski Leo Strupczewski Director, Marketing
  • Tamlyn Moss Tamlyn Moss Client Support Engineer
  • Noelle Dunn Noelle Dunn Associate Client Partner
  • Gideon Shils Gideon Shils Software Engineer
  • James Serroka James Serroka Client Solutions Manager
  • John Simoni John Simoni Software Engineer
  • Jamir Milligan Jamir Milligan Client Solutions Manager
  • Lindsay Pasarin Lindsay Pasarin Account Manager
  • Carter Walsh Carter Walsh Software Engineer
  • Eric Proulx Eric Proulx Software Engineer
  • Hannah Patterson Hannah Patterson Associate Client Partner
  • Samantha Fann Samantha Fann Associate Client Partner
  • Robert Kaufmann Robert Kaufmann Manager, Software Engineering
  • Matt Sheron Matt Sheron Associate Client Partner
  • Alex Yedibalian Alex Yedibalian Account Manager
  • Jonas Peek Jonas Peek Software Engineer Intern
  • Autumn Ciliberto Autumn Ciliberto Account Manager
  • Madeline Menard Madeline Menard Project Manager
  • Becca Sponaugle Becca Sponaugle Associate Client Partner
  • Brie Goodreau Brie Goodreau Manager, Client Experience
  • Bob Walsh Bob Walsh Client Solutions Manager
  • Stephen Nehlig Stephen Nehlig Associate Client Partner
  • Alexandra Fallone Alexandra Fallone Sales Operations Lead
  • Annie Craddock Annie Craddock Client Solutions Manager
  • Haley Varma Haley Varma Associate Client Partner
  • Lilian Do Lilian Do Software Engineer
  • Ben Wagner Ben Wagner Director of Sales
  • Lisa Montoya Lisa Montoya Client Support Engineer
  • Shaniece Lawson Shaniece Lawson Accounts Receivable Clerk
  • Michael Read Michael Read Software Engineer
  • Susan Tan Susan Tan Client Support Engineer

Join us on our journey to the top.
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